bonsai weed?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by myrrhlynn, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. i've been letting this plant grow out of curiosity. it's about a month old and still only ~3" tall. i topped it yesterday and trimmed 4 of the main stem leaves.

    bonsai weed.jpg
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  2. this was it 2 days ago... some of the leaves i took off were a bit yellowish. the rest of the plant looks healthy, but just really tiny.

    bonsai weed 02.jpg
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  3. I have plants that I perform experiments on. I break them and put them back together. Heat and light stress and malnourishment.
    I’m always amazed how resilient they are.
  4. Looks like it has poor genetics or rootzone or both.
  5. i'll definitely agree there... last year when i cut down the males, i moved a plant from a really small pot into the big show. the plant was in horrible condition and the roots were nearing rotting away, but it rebounded in about a week shifted into flowering and i harvested quite a bit off something i almost gave up on.
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  6. is that of the bonzai auto-flowering genetics? your plant looks characteristic of those.
  7. Plant's severely stressed from the too early topping and unnecessary leaf removal. It'll probably be a couple weeks before it fully recovers and starts positive growth. I'd stop molesting it if it were me.
  8. Research bonsai training. My brother in law has some exceptional ones that are 20 years old now. It will be interesting to see what weed does!
  9. seven weeks later....

    bonzai buds.jpg

    about a foot tall now and it's gotten very bushy... .still full of tiny leaves and now starting to get full with tiny buds. certainly my most interesting plant this year.

    the pot is small, but 2 weeks ago i moved a plant started at the same time in the same size/ shape pot to a bigger pot that became available... (2nd male ... i had a 6:1, F to M ratio this year... !!) ... and it's a tad scrawny, but well over 4' tall now.

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