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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by 010010ryan, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. first post, cheers?
    i want to make a bonsai plant... i dont care too much about yield, its for the novelty of it. any tips? light type? smallest i could go? strains to use?
    im thinking of germinating some mid seeds cause i cant order seeds online and the only loud with seeds is fake and not worth me buying.

    i guess what i really want to know is how do i keep it small? i dont want it taller than 1 foot...
    ill start a blog if it works!
  2. does anyone even use stickies these days i mean......gosh so many questions that i see daily, there has been stickies around for years that answer 90% of these.....
  3. LST..............that is all
  4. wtf is a sticky? dude im just tryin to get some info so how come you wont contribute?

  5. Because hundreds if not thousands have already contibuted to anwering your question.

  6. umm i said LST maybe go check it out...we cant do all the work for ya...sometimes you gotta just open your eyes and look..i mean i know its hard for ya but you'll pull thru ;);)
  7. LST or a ScrOG net will keep you small. Google those two terms or search on these forums.

  8. Right man people are lazy haha.
  9. Hahaha, that's the ultimate in I have no idea what I'm doing yet.

    Don't try and run before you can walk.... Read for a few months them make your move :)

  10. If the dank seeds that everyone sells are fake then where do plants come from? come on man
  11. You want a good bonsai weed plant?

    look up bonsai moms.

  12. i meant it like the "super loud weed" your guy down the street sells to you that has weed... isnt super loud. i call that fake loud and turn it down.

  13. man you talkin about your stereo or what cuz u lost me......

    and how would you know what the guy down the street from any of us is selling

    i mean shit for all you know im gettin acapulco gold for 100 aZIP

  14. because good weed comes from a good grow and a good grow comes from a green thumb.
    anyone with a green thumb would keep their acapulco gold from developing seeds.

  15. where did i say anything about seeds and....

    anybody with a green thumb would know to get good weed you need good strains,which come from good seeds DUH

  16. you didnt. but you jumped into a convo where we were talking about seeds.

    also im tired of the assholes on this site, you guys are straight douchebags. the same stoners i thought were only in my area... sad. but whateber

  17. if everyone was like you we would have a bunch of shitty strains that are clone only with mothers 10 years old.......:p

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