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Bonsai midget weed questions

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by IFarmSuperWeed, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Is it possible to make a bonsai cannabis plants like the size of a ps3 controller?

    If you put it in flowering light cycle when its that size will it flower?

    I know your yield will be super little but the stealthiness will be awesome, what will the yield be more or less?
  2. You will not be able to keep a plant that small and yield anything. A controller sized plant would only yield a gram or two anyway, hardly worth the 3 months of work to grow it.
  3. Got some pics of what I am talking about.

    How do they make them like this?

    If you put them into flowering when the first "real" cannabis leaves are formed will it work?

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  4. It may, but again, 3 months of work and money invested in equipment isnt worth the 1-2 grams you will get. Flowering from seed is a huge waste.
  5. If I use clones, how long will it take to root and then flower?

    I am growing in a greenhouse kind-of-a-thing. I want to to breed them for taste and smell so it will be easier to have 20-50 tiny plants then 20-50 big ones to evaluate for genetics.
  6. If growing from clone, they will all have the same genetics and traits as the mother, so im not sure what you would be evaluating....?
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    My bad, I never explain it properly. The clones will be obtained from a mate of mine to be the mother, I will have to grow the fathers from seed. I will just use record the taste and smell of the mother and father then evaluate the f1 generation which will be 20-50 plants depending on how many I can fit in my greenhouse thingy. I'm not sure if I am explaining this properly but oh well.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that I just need enough to smoke one joint from each plant to see the high
  8. it looks like a indica?
  9. If you have clones just start flowering them once they are rooted, healthy and shock free. Do this no matter their size. Since you're a super grower you already know that they will dbl in size so you know what to expect.
  10. How can you correctly determine certain characteristics of a plant like yield for example without properly growing a plant to its full potential... just saying going mini makes no sense... to me anyways
  11. I am not really a super grower, I am still fairly new and I am not growing for yield or size. I am growing for smell and taste. After I get the smell and taste I want I will breed for size and yield.
  12. I'm just saying that stunting a plants growth like that can effect many characteristics including the taste and smell. Inaccurate results can become the outcome. ...best of luck to you
  13. What if you grow some shit and you taste it and its great. Then you regrow it to it's full potential and it's yield sucks? I understand what the blade is saying. You may as well consider growing to its potential the first time around
  14. Then cross it with a high yielder and see what happens lol
  15. I don't have the space for 20-50 fully grown plants and I don't want to risk growing so much on public property or ob someones property especially If I am not gonna sell it afterwords
  16. Maybe start smaller bro and get a mmj card
  17. ^^^ I would suggest learning what you're doing before attempting a breeding project like this. While growing for odor and flavor is what a lot of us do, you may find that inexperience will fail to bring out these traits. Not sure how many grows you have under your belt, but breeding is better left to the professionals. Have you done any research into genetic recombination (breeding) of cannabis? I think you'll find that it is very, VERY involved. And requires a LOT of space. You can't just breed two plants that you like together and expect the progeny to have the best qualities of both parents. Sometimes it's necessary to grow out hundreds of f1 generation seeds to find a "keeper". Anyhow, I admire your gumption. Good luck!

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  18. What he said ^^^ lol
  19. I wish I could call myself one, No pollen chucker here. Sticky male's happen...
  20. Weed is fully illegal here,in South Africa, so no medical card for me but you guys are right I should start of small and learn a bit more.

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