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Bonnaroo fans getting busted

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. I was just watching on the news.. The TBI is doing random drug searches of people and cars..

    They are finding drugs on alot of people and cars searched.

    I hope they tell if they are arresting these people or not..
  2. That is horrible! I have friends who went to Bonnaroo - and brought a lot of weed. I was going to go until I ran into a cash flow problem, but still, I feel really bad just hearing that :(
  3. You would think that would be illegal.
  4. It's not illegal..

    They are doing the terrorist search looking for guns and bombs... The drugsa are just there for the finding...
  5. rofl that such bull ..of all places to find guns ..bonraoo? lol thye know the only thing they are gonna find there is pot, peace, and love... andmaybe some cid.... :D
  6. What a conveniant expansion of policy in the name of yielding "terrorist activity."
  7. yeah patriot act is pretty fucking shitty.
  8. Egh; everyday life is starting to feel like the plotline to Deus Ex incarnate..
  9. vote kerry, thi patriot act IS bullshit, and kerry is against it also..

    I didnt think they would start abusing it for some ime, but they just dont waste there fucking time..
  10. Glad to see our government is using our tax dollars to bust some kids trying to have a good time and relax to some music.

    They know damn well there aren't any terrorists at Bonnaroo.

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