Bonnaroo Experiences??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by HardlyGold, May 3, 2011.

  1. Lets hear them. Me and my buddy are right now on the verge of buying some tickets for this wonderful music festival.

    I want to hear some experiences and some necessities to bring. (of course drugs)

    Let me know how your days went, what your trips were like, the kind of people you met, how where the acts, how were the ladies, how the fuck was Bonnaroo??

    Come on fellow tokers.

    Get high and reminisce of your good and bad, Id love to hear it all.

    Keep Blazing.
  2. ah SHIET I totally forgot!!!! fuck where do you buy tickets!

    dude I have yet to go a single time.
  3. For all things bonnaroo go to

    I was there in '07...saw STS9 (fav band), White Stripes (amazing show), Sasha/Digweed til sunrise, Bob Weir, Widespread, the Roots, Police, Mute Math, Clutch, Franti (meh), Fl Lips, and some others in there/everywhere...

    Hardly slept...all in all a great ass time if you love drugs & recommend the Silent Disco and the Xbox lounge with dance floor and Dj's spinnin'..should ride the ferris wheel too
  4. just hit up bro. Tickets can be purchased there.
  5. Fuck Bonnaroo 2011... the lineup sucks. Includes: Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Wiz Khalifa.

    Atmosphere... Bassnectar...

    there are like literally three people worth going to see.
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    Bonnaroos lineup this year does suck nutzzzzz....but yeah I visited my good friends lucy and molly while I was there a few years ago. Plenty of weed. It's a fun atmosphere, just chill and have fun....

    but I would say you should prolly goto the hangout music fest instead, better lineup 2 days long. Cheaper.

    edit, just looked at bonnaroo.

    It has a decent lineup, but nothing that great.
  7. meh, the lineup this year isnt so hot. Not a big eminem or lil wayne fan..actually lil wayne really just annoys the shit outta me. I guess it's about the environment too, in principle, its a new age woodstock in a way. Drugs and music, yay! have fun.

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