Bonjour! Wanted to share my trip to Québec a little bit.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by AndrewBud, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Went to Quebec with my family for a week, just got back earlier tonight.

    Mon parin! My Godfather/uncle is very experienced with growing Pot I am posting a couple pictures of his 2 mother plants that he gets his clones from.

    He started these 2 from seeds and made about 100 clones from it to make smaller plants all over the small forest town he lives in.

    He does a sort of LST but he uses large ROCKS "notice in the picture" to tie down the main stem.

    the main stem is about 2 inches thick or more.

    I was so utterly impressed by the system he has gowing.

    yields about 15-20 lbs a year

    Also if anyone remembers me posting about my plant on my balcony I have a few updated pictues she is starting to have lots of crystals on her buds.

    sorry i did not notice it was so out of focus (horrible lighting) will repost a new one tomorow when i get her back outside.

  2. Nice, thats a pretty awesome set-up, 15-20 pounds a year:eek::smoking:that is insane!:D Thanks for sharing the story and pictures and good luck with your balcony grow.
  3. WOW
    Ur uncle is the man andrew!!
  4. Very cool. Quebec is awesome.:)
  5. Yeah its really nice up there.

    Here is a picture i took from a mountain top platform.



    Any of you know a good place to get some info on making water hash?



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