bonjour from france

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  1. hi , I'm grower from Paris:smoke:, i cultivate 6 Waikiki queen with different phenotype
    the smaller have 5 heavy bud and measure 2 feet tall , the higher 7 feet tall have many fat secondary branch with tightened internode and 3 chronic for one bud.

    i'm in flo + 38

    my space is 3.3 ft x 5.3 ft x 8.6 ft with mylar

    2x 400w hps agro

    i cultivate in soil i use metrop (from nederland) mr2 fertilizer , animo bloom , calgreen and gpbiotechnologie (from france) catalysor and bio roots ,my potting is atami kilomix

    PS: sorry for my English
  2. Bonjour et bienvenue mon ami!
  3. Bonjour et bienvenue des tropiques (région de Tampa Bay, la Floride).
  4. Oops je suis en retard. Bienvenue !!!!!!!!! Je vis en France moi aussi. :)

    Translation for people who cannot read French: Oops i'm late. Welcome !!!!!!! I live in France too. :)
  5. Bonjour, mes amis!

    I'm not French, nor do I live there, but I've been there, and I loooove it.

    Welcome to the city.

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