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Bongwater ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Cali_Toker, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. you guys got any good tips on cleanin out bong water, my bong got knocked over twice last , i just used diswasher soap it worked out just fine but if anyone knows any better methods lemme know so i can use them in the future.
  2. oxyclean worked for black shoe polish, maybe it will work for you
  3. You're supposed to clean out your bong and change the water??? Man, them things needs instructions with them when you buy 'em.
  4. this stuff called Resolve pet odor and stain remover is the best for any thing like that... it takes away the smell and the stain (that is if the water was nasty enough to leave a stain)
  5. use febreeze if u dare! ;)

    theres nuthin wrong with the smell of bongwater... splash it about with pride!!!! :D

  6. Lol.. thats all i got to say..
  7. ooo, bong water can be nasty if spilt in the wrong place.

    if its really bad, buy a box of that Arm and Hammer powder Carpet Deodirizer. just sprinkle it around, wait a little bit, and vacuum. works wonders for stankyness. pluuusss, itll make your lazy ass vacuum the house ;)
  8. coo thanks all. I live in a apartment so i gotta be real carefull bout keepin the floor clean otherwise they take it outta my depoisit when i leave

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