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Bongwater Tea?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BlackIce, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Title says it all.

    Who's tried it?
  2. Its killer. Intense high.
    Go for it.
  3. ...

    What the fuck is with blades and Bong Water in these last few days?

    For the record, even if you somehow manage to twist your mind in to thinking "Hey, lets brew up some bongwater!" the act of doing so most likely vaporized any of the mediocre levels of THC in it.

    (Assuming you actually put it in a kettle and brewed it oldschool)
  4. :poke:Thc Is Not Water Soluable!
  5. Are you insane? Why would you want to drink all the filtered tar and ash in your bong water? You know that THC isnt water soluable:rolleyes:are you just doing it for the taste then? Ick
  6. bong water cant in any way shape or form get you high unless you smoke though it.
  7. My thoughts exatly.
    Stick to smoking the herb.
    Not drinking its waste.
    Bad idea

  8. Congradulations on being about the kajillionth person to not realise that while THC itself is not water soluable, that it still sticks (which is it's entire natural purpose - - to be sticky) to particulate matter. Tar, ash, etc.

    Smoking resin gets you high.

    That same resin is what is in bongwater.

    And being that you could eat resin and get high from it, though it's obviously not a preferable method, then you could therefor still get high from bongwater. Among probably a nice case of the heaves.

    Am I saying to drink it? No.

    Regardless, stopping at "thc isn't water soluable" isn't the way to go about contemplating this.
  9. That may be so, but like you said it is no reason to drink the bongwater b/c of remnants. Yes saying what I posted is the way to go about contemplating this subject, that's why i made that comment. Since thc is not water soluble then what would be a logical reason for drinking that crap?
  10. If you drink bong water you will puke... I have never tried it but I can imagine from the smell.

  11. OP, this is the only advice to listen to.
  12. All of these threads would be much more funny if THC actually was water-soluble though.
  13. Dude...seasoned tokers...why would you post this in here? The pros definitely make bongwater tea...pause...not. Toke City guys are big on bongwater I hear, theyre gay. Lol, never actually been to the site im sure its not that bad I hear people are generally geared towards glass, though, which isnt necissairily a bad thing these days as im cutting down on the bluntage and going with double and quadruple water filtration

    edit: I have chugged bong water before by accident. Friend had extra ice and poured extra water into the cup instead of the sink, I was way too high to tell, and chugged it after i killed a .6 in one hit which is nothing HUGE but thats a big rip especially from a 18 straight no A/C. Did it get me high? idk i had just killed .6 bowl and had smoked 2 blunts
  14. talk after you tried it, tastes awesome! best thing to cure cottonmouth:D

  15. ... To get high?


    There will be just as much THC in bong water as there is in normal pipe resin (however high or low those levels may be, also, just as with the accumulation of resin in a pipe, determined by how long before it is cleaned, or in this case, changed) which if eaten, smoked, whatever, WILL get you high. It just so happens that it's caught in water.

    So, saying THC is not water soluable = just making a statement, has actually nothing to do with the idea of drinking bong water to get a buzz.

    I'm obviously playing the devil's advocate, bear in mind. Any buzz you get will easily be countered by the sickness you're going to go through.

    So, in general, you are correct, there is no logical reason to do it; However, that does not mean there isn't any plausibility, which you seem to believe simply because you know THC isn't water soluable.
  16. Looking outside of the fact that thc is not water soluble: I see how not using a screen will allow for loose breakaways or excess to be sucked into the water reservoir of the bong. Aside from this, the amount of resin that may reside into the water is not a ratio (active ingredient to nonactive) that I would be willing to sacrifice my lunch or taste buds to get high. Not only that, you have to conclude that most debris that falls through the bowl has been already heated to the point of uselessness.

    Being water soluble does make a hell of a difference when trying to get high using alternative methods other than smoking. You are just arguing that it is feasible. Where as im stating its not as likely and depends on many variables to be concluded as an efficient way to get stoned.

    All in all, like I stated above; I can see how it would be possible, but still not likely. The amount of useful 'bud trash' would have to be larger in quantity than the avg. user; assuming that the avg. user refills their piece with fresh water after a few sittings. Why argue something that neither you or I (assuming) really cares enough to drink that crap. Anything that requires more discomfort than pleasure is something that I don't plan on being apart of.

    **POST-REPLY: I got as far as 'to get high' and started replying. After submitting I realized that we said pretty much the same thing. LOL.**
  17. It's sooooo delicious and it makes you high for hours on end :D:p:D
  18. Does anyone have a recipe for bong water? How many uses do you need before it's worth it? do u just boil a tea leaf in the water? I'm hesitant to try it cause bong water is gross but if it works this could be a good way to stretch that dollar!
  19. Well the more you use the water in a bong, the more potent it will be. Experiment and get back to us!

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