Bongwater: Friend or Foe?

Discussion in 'General' started by FredZeppelin, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Last night we smoked in my room, my friends went home and I watched a movie and passed out on my couch downstairs. So I wake up at like 4 and go to my room so I can go to bed. I dont turn on any lights, walk three steps into my room and kick over my bong. I'm like ":eek: SHIIIIIIT!" and i soaked it up with a towel, and then i got hot water and soap and scrubbed that bitch and then I covered it with another towel and went to bed. This morning when I woke up I was like "why does my room smell like shit?" and then I remembered the bong water and now I'm upset because the good vibes in my room have been totally destroyed.
    I know this has happened to you guys before, how can i get that shit out?
  2. Lol try any carpet cleaner that has a strong dirty was your water btw lol.
  3. Damn im soryr but that shit is stained. if its white bleach it.
  4. bong water is a foe, it takes what you dont want in your lungs =[
  5. ozium and febreez mang. i spill my bubbler fucking constantly on the carpet and it works all the time. keep the water clean and it wont smell that bad.
  6. "Shit I knocked over the bong! STOP!"
    "Oh damn, that bong water reeks!"
    "Maybe if you cleaned it, it wouldn't smell like your girlfriend's ass..."

    Bong water is most definitely a foe.
  7. yeah bong water sucks

    the other day my buddys wanted me to hit a bong with 2 week old bong water in it smoking out of it everyday It was NASTY I told them to go to hell im not hitting shit till that waters clean


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