Bongs vs. Vapes

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  1. I've never smoked out of a vape or a glass bong.. Always been a blunt kind of girl.. What do u recommend? I heard the Pax by ploom vape is pretty good and it's about $250 but I don't mind spending up to $500 on vape or bong.. Let me know what you all think :)
  2. get a Life saber vaporizer (desktop vape)and a bong ,then you can vapebong. Dilemma solved.
  3. Vapes, all the way.

    Your weed will last you 3 times longer at least because you need so much less weed to get high off of vapor than burning. Already vaped weed can be smoked (though it tastes bad) or used to make edibles (preferable). Also, if you pick a vape with a variety of temperature settings, you can actually change type of high you get by adjusting the temperature (because different cannabinoids vaporize at different temperatures.

    Besides, if you really like bongs, you van still use one with a vape.

    I'd recommend the Arizer Solo vape as well as the pax. Both of them are about the best you can do for a portable vape, but they have different strengths.
    Relative to the Pax, the Solo is more efficient, less expensive (sticker price is 225, but you can get it for 160), has better quality vapor, and has 7 different temperature settings as opposed to 3. The Pax is more portable, more convenient, cooler looking, has no delicate glass stems, and warms up faster.

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