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Bongs vs Knife Hits

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fishy4Life, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, so my friends told me about knife hits. I usually just fill a bowl when smoking alone, but apparently knife hits get you high with less weed, making it more efficent. I love my bong, but is the high any different?
  2. Can someone tell me what knife hits are? Ive always wondered...
  3. You heat up the tips of a couple of knives and use a bottle or something to inhale the smoke. It's pretty awesome, but you really need two people to do it.
  4. First, cut the bottom of a plastic water bottle out and take off the cap. If you're feeling extra lucky, use a gatorade bottle.You grab 2 butter knives and heat them up on a stove. Then when they're hot enough, grab a little bud with the knives and have the bottle in your mouth so the smoke flows through.
  5. It looks pretty intense to be honest.

  6. Just youtubed it and I found this
    [ame=]Knife Hits!! - YouTube[/ame]

    that'd kick my ass. :smoke:
  7. Anyways, I'm going to pick up some butter knives tomorrow from the dollar store to add to my collection. Let's see how this session goes. I'll post tomorrow if I remember. :)
  8. Hot knifing is definitely better than bong tokes. Gets you way more high.
  9. i don't think i would be coordinated enough to keep doing that after 1 hit. I already have trouble enough with bongs remembering what to do. So bad.
  10. get a skillet lmfao
  11. Oh the ol's knife hits.....

    An old school veitnam vet introduced me to this technique years and years ago.
    He called it a "flash point" hit. We used hash and it knocked me on my ass!

    I never tried it with bud..But like someone already said...Its kinda a 2 person team thing.

    But im sure one person can do this holding a plastic halved coke bollte top with
    there teeth while flashing the 2 knives.

    Now you can buy a contraption that attatches to your bong that does the same thing.

    But oh yeah, Old school memories.....:smoke:
  12. #13 cunty88, Nov 21, 2011
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    lol we call them spots here in nz they're real common over here ive been at heaps of partys where theres always knives on the stove haha they get you fucked up

    with bud you just break of bits depending on how much smoke you want and roll them into little balls if the knives are hot enough you should be able to get it to stick to one, then you just sandwich them together.

    you can drive them with just one person but its better someone else doing that and you just focusing on inhaling
  13. The only reason hot knifing gets you higher than a bong hit is you can only do it with hash. You cant knife herb, so I would say knifing hash > bonging hash. Other than that it dont really count..
  14. It might actually be tricky with just one person.
  15. Take them off the top, no bottle. 1 person.
  16. I used to hot knife like every day haha. Its very efficient but id preffer to chill at my computer with a bong any day. Its easy with one person, just hold the bottle in your mouth, simple as that.

    I normally do it when i have like less than half a g left. which can last me days hotknifing.
  17. Hot knife some hash man get you feelin hella good:smoke: off 1 hit i would jus smoke my weed in da bong
  18. I prefer a bong hit, gets me higher and more enjoyable

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