Bongs vs. Bubblers

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  1. so ive been toking for a while and im ready to invest in some more high end glass. this is my bowl after a long needed cleaning.



    I've been looking around at everything, bongs, bubblers, etc. can someone give me some pros and cons of each. anything and everything is much appreciated.

    INFO: i mostly toke on the go but occasionally smoke in my house. whatever I get it needs to be smaller then 15" by 11" by 6" (the dimensions of my stash spot).

    thanks in advance.
  2. I'd say a small bong would be your best bet. Bubblers are nice too, especially the high end ones like what Luke Wilson is producing, but since you don't have a tube I think you should go for one. You could get a nice, small 10-12 inch beaker from SSFG on etsy with a showerhead downstem and ice pinch slide and ice notches for just a bit over 100. That tube would be a great addition as your first bong, and if you break it, you're not set back too much like you would be if you went really high end with your first tube.

    It would also be relatively portable, should give you a great hit with the showerhead stem and ice pinch slide, hits would be larger than a bubbler, and it is darn cheap.
  3. All depends what you can grab. I would recommend a high end glass bong. Once you start collecting you'll want one of everything and in every size and color, I wish I had started spending money on it way back when instead of a stupid triple bub or the wasted acrylics contraptions.
  4. ill definitely look into something like that. whats your opinion on name brands like roor etc vs no names or local head shop brands?
  5. Bong over bubbler IMO for these reasons:
    If the bubbler is not GonG(most lilly it won't be since those will cost you a lot and may not fit your dimensions) then it'll be a pain in the ass to ash, clean, etc.
    A bubbler with a curvier shape may have more breaking points depending on the design.
    A mini bong will have more volume which equals cooler smoke compared to a bubbler.

    Personally I'd get a mini bong, they are great. You can find a lot of decent mini bongs that are maybe 10"-12"+ tall
  6. I would go with a bong if you already have a portable piece, namely the pipe in your picture. I say bong mostly for the reason NYCdeisel said, bubblers are too hard to clean.
  7. i can see what you guys are saying what do u think about this one...

    Double Helix Glass Water Pipes

    chunkyglass is where i ordered my bowl from and they have some great stuff.

    plus if you guys could post pictures of some of your collections it would be great for a frame of reference.
  8. Na man I wouldn't go to chunkyglass for a bong, maybe a simple spoon but not a tube. You're going to want to ensure that the piece you buy is quality, and to find that I would look more towards aqualab or as I said, soul shine family glass on etsy can make you a nice sturdy tube with some really neat addons for cheap.
  9. Why not both? I have a SB mini tube, then my 18" Roor, and a bubbler, and some other glass, it's always nice having a selection. Plus, some days i don't feel like setting a bong up so i just break out the bub.
  10. Get a dubbler :smoking: 2 chamber bubbler ftw, it's easy to fill/clean/carry and not too expensive.
  11. Bong @_@
    [ame=""]YouTube - We Doing Big Things Cousin =D[/ame]

  12. where can i find some of the bongs your suggesting here they sound really cool but im limited to the internet or somewhere on long island?
  13. Go to Gotham then, I'm sure you can find whatever you want there.
  14. I would say either SSFG on Etsy like others have suggested or
    Dude you are near LI?? go to Gotham. They have everything! It's probably the only place that's better then NY Gifts(but that's in the city) and they even have amazing glass.

    I also suggest that if you get a bong to also buy a padded case/bag for it, it's a really good thing to have. And if you do get a bubbler only get a GonG one.
  15. If you look on ETSY check out simpleglasstubes. He does custom tubes for super cheap. Seen him do 12" (non GonG) with ice catcher for $33 shipped! Cant beat that man. He'd prob do a 12" GonG for like $50 shipped or something, just message him and ask!
  16. ok thanks alot to everyone im taking all things into account last thing the closest head shop near me is called daze this is the website daze have any of you heard of it or bought from there and are able to recommend it?

    thanks a lot for everything so far.
  17. Hey man if you are looking for some more options pm me, no offense to the etsy guy but, he said he wants to go into high end glass and that "custom" for 50 or whatever just isnt high end. nicer then china but not high end.

    EDIT - Just looked at the daze site a bit, if it isnt overpriced hit that shit up, i saw a few pakoh and slinger pieces on there and those are major winners. PM me anyways and I will help sort out the good from the better from the best when it come to glass and help you go to the store with an idea of what you want.

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