Bongs vs Bubblers

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  1. Sup blades. Is a bigger bong better than a smaller bong? And are bongs better than bubblers? "better" is defined as less harsh of a hit. I've always thought that the main benefit water pipes have over dry pieces is that the smoke cools down the water. Is this true? If it is true then the longer the path the smoke goes through the better the piece is, but if it isn't true then what makes a water pipe better than another water pipe. Hopefully this question makes sense, sorry I'm high af.
  2. The more water filtration you have the better. Makes it smooth as tits. I've hit setups that have 7-8 different ways of filtration. Some people like the hit and burn of straight bud to lung (like pipes) I don't personally.
  3. I always grab my bong first.


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  4. Water cools the smoke, but yeah, you get the idea lol.

    It also filters it as well so it makes it a bit smoother. But that gets offset by the size of the bong. More smoke is harder to choke down and hold in. Adding ice can condense the smoke, cool the smoke and just make it more pleasant to smoke ganja in general.

    You can also try warm water. Fucking crazy I know. Some yahoo on this site was talking about it and I tried it. Been a fan ever since. I don't do it all of the time but I do take a rip like that every time I clean my bong. Every couple days to a week.... Sometimes more if company shows up....
  5. bubbler all the way easy to hide like one of these Bubbler and Bubblers
  6. Bubblers are great, Grav Labs, Medicali and Purr all make awesome bubblers check them out.
  7. So I need to pick someone's brain. I have a "PNWT", (has Pinnacle on it), that the bubble cap, (the one with the slits at the bottom), broke off at the base of the bubble cap. It still bubbles but the cap rattles. I don't mind the rattle, but the water is turning milky looking. Rinsed it out multiple times, but the milkiness keeps coming back. The only thing I can think of is the cap is rattling and chipping the plastic cap. That really doesn't sound right. Any ideas? Where is the milkiness coming from? I'm kinda leery of using it. Any thoughts? Doc

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