bongs or pipes fuck vapes or gravity

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  1. What would be ur favorite I dont wanna hear about vaporizes or gravity,bucketnongs
  2. Pack a 1gram bowl and hit it
  3. [​IMG]
    there's my bubbler i use a lot :x
  4. That is nice the bud in the bowl/cone piece
    I use homade myself spent about $100aud on one some stupid fool droped it
  5. Nice
  6. What's wrong with vaporizing? o_O   
  7. my favorite way to smoke is to pack an old rusted socket that i stuck into a really thin plastic milk jug cap. i usually can pack a whole eighth into it and blast it all in one hit with a torch.
    all dat smoke dood
    really though.
  8. I myself enjoy smoking the cannabis cigarette (AKA the joint). I've purchased what in my opinion is a pretty nice water pipe though and plan on smoking from it the next time I'm able to secure some cannabis although that might be a bit difficult because I reside in an apartment now and my next door neighbor is a nosy old woman who would rat me out if she smelled anything out of the ordinary. I miss home ownership so much it hurts.
        Hopefully, RI will make cannabis legal and I can come to an agreement with the landlord to allow me to smoke cannabis in our apartment. I'm fifty years old for crying out loud. I'm not going to burn the place to the ground. I'm a very responsible adult.
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    That bong bong bong bong bong.
  10. Make friends or talk to her in the nicest manner when you see her. If you get into her head in a positive way its only human nature that she will return it.
  11. my 2 ones that i gotta try earth bong, and solar hits
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  13. my only glass piece I currently have in my possession is a Gandalf like pipe named 'dreadlock'. IDK why but it hits so harsh, maybe I need to pack bigger bowls. If it was legal I WOULD LOVE to walk around with dreadlock outside just chiefing away. My homemade bong and gbong are money tho, homemade bong has no airleaks, milks up like a mother, only downside is I used a huge socket as the bowl so the bong has to have water in it for it to stand erect.
     Heres tha dreadlock

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    it's like a pipe losing it's erection.
    quick! put it in your mouth!
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    I personally love taking a huge ass bong hit. Gets me high as shit everytime
  16. I honestly just dont like vaporizerz dude
  17. agree with u huge hits are a good high but such a waste of that gift from god sucks that the gorvenment hasn't already legalized the erb but its currently on its way to being legal if only they would do it already in australia
  18. what's a bucketnongs?
  19. a bucket bong is a gravity bong man

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