Bongs, only with water?

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  1. So I recently got a fairly nice bong and was wondering about if I can put other liquids besides water? I know you can add Gatorade and stuff, but I was wondering more along the lines of alcohol and if it would make a difference in the high. Like would the alcohol amplify it, or what?
  2. you can add anything you like but nothing will help with the buzz any better than ice water.
  3. Mineral water
  4. Just stick to water man. Adding alcohol is not necessary.

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  5. So alcohol wouldn't help any for the high? Just adding flavor?
  6. Cold water all day... Why would you want to ruin the taste of sweet Mary with alcohol?

    Irritated when I'm not sedated.
  7. alcohol may irritate your throat/lungs honestly, water is perfect.
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    The whole point of water in a bong is to filter and cool the smoke, putting alcohol in there wouldnt really do anything different except make your hit harsher and make your piece smelly.
  9. I put vodka in my bong when I was young and it just made the hits taste like vodka, never did it again. Although some of my friends use it still as we live in Canada, bongs freeze so quickly so the alcohol is nice since it doesn't freeze.

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