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Bongs = less smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohyeahsonn, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. lately i've been toking outside with a bong.

    if i smoke a joint, i smell like weed and must shower when i get in or my family will know i toked. if i use a bong though, i can come in and just put in sum eyedrop and im set.

    anyone else notice this?

    hell. maybe im just too high once i use a bong
  2. yep i notice that, with a j its constantly burning which equals more smoke on your clothes when using a bong its your mouth and what ever the exhale touches that smells
  3. I smoke in my house all the time with bongs and it my room never smells like weed, j's smell my entire room + bathroom + hall + living room all the way into the kitchen... it makes no sense at all lol
  4. Yea I guess the smoke from the joint gets on your clothes but with the bong you're exhaling all the smoke in one direction.

    And you're high as fuck too, that prolly helps. :bongin: :laughing:(Thats you afterwards)
  5. Joints are constantly burning and have a thicker smoke. Probably why you stink so bad afterwords even if you smoke outside.
  6. bahaha. + rep to you all.

    im about to really get fuckkkkked up :D
  7. Maybe YOU don't smell after hitting a bong...
    But the bong definitely smells worse than any other piece!

    My bag is used to transport bongs to and from seshes.
    And let me tell you, that smell is fucking DISGUSTING.
    It actually brings on the gag reflexes to smell stale bong smoke.
  8. He's definitely right. Any wet piece is going to REEK after you use it. If you're smoking outside and it's not super cold out i would just leave it out after you drain the water. Just hide it somewhere no one goes. Then the next day put it in your stash place in the house. If you drain it every time it should help a bit....but again...not much lol.
  9. Yeah J's smell pretty bad afterwards. Especially with the hand you used to hold it the smell lingers. Bongs are nice and reduce the smell, but it does smell after uses.

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