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Bongs get you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Emrich, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Im just wondering, how exactly do bongs get you higher? When the smoke touches the water what happens, what is it filtering out? And whats the difference between smoking unfiltered smoke from a joint or pipe?
  2. Bongs are great they filter out tar and also cool the smoke. You can take killer bong rips with good weed and get super high. I love my bong but I want to get one that has Percs in it which cools and makes the smoke even more smooth. :smoke:
  3. ^^yeah what he said...

  4. So less tar = more high?
  5. actually, bongs do not necessarily get you higher. When the smoke is filtered through the water, some THC actually gets left behind. So technically, it takes more [smoke] from a bong to get you high than par say, a pipe would. (because it is unfiltered). Nonetheless, bongs can get you higher, quicker. (if you didn't understand what I meant, tell me and I will try to elaborate more :) )
  6. The cooler/smoother the smoke the bigger the hit.
    Bigger hit = more high. SIMPLE ;)

  7. Elaborate please. So the smoke is cooler and what else. If thc gets left behind, than why do we all smoke through bongs?

  8. Because smoking out of bongs is fun, and it also filters out some unwanted tar and carcinogens making the smoke smoother and typically making it a little safer than unfiltered smoke. And the amount of THC left behind is fairly minimal, but all the smoke that gathers up before you clear it makes up for that.
  9. Bongs get you higher just because of the huge rip you take. The the absorbs higher amounts in a short period of time. Thats why you can take one bong rip and be stoned, opposed too three pipe hits. Bongs are awesome though. makes it easier to take those big rips because of the water and or ice. Aswell as filters out a few other nasty chemicals
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    One bong hit is literally about 10 times the volume of smoke as a toke on a joint. It is FAR more palatable because the water extinguishes the burning particles and humidifies the smoke, getting rid of that horrible hot dry sensation smoke can cause, and to some extent lessens the physical damage of smoking on the lungs. I don't know if it filters out too much of the THC to make it inefficent enough, for one thing THC is only SLIGHTLY water solluble. Try leaving an entire unwrapped pack of Halls Extra Strong coughdrops in a bottle of water to dissolve, then freeze that shit until it reaches a slushy-like consistancy. Try that in your bong. It's literally more palatable than air itself and the coldness of the ice makes for thicker milkier hits (because cold gas takes up less room than does warm).

  11. This is not true, THC is not water soluble. And bongs waste weed IMO! :p
  12. How do they waste it? If anything it makes it last longer and gets you more high.
  13. Using more weed in a session is generally going to equate to more consumption. You can maintain a low/mid tolerance and smoke out of devices that consume smaller amounts. You can rip most of a bowl in a single hit from a bong, you cannot do this with a pipe. I think the general idea with smoking weed is you don't want to sit around toking every 10 minutes because this is shit for your tolerance and it also uses up a lot of weed, so you want to get high in a burst. Your tolerance will seemingly adapt to whatever you're using, so that bong bowl is what you're gonna need to get high until you end up needing more, same with the pipe but it's just much less.

    The reason bongs get you higher, is because it's a very large amount in one hit. Smoking is already a method that provides a short intense peak, so this is just kind of taking that the same direction. A big hit in the same amount, let's .3, would be better for tolerance than .3 over 20-30 minutes, and it'll also give you a much more intense peak. People usually are chasing peaks.
  14. Oh fuck yeah bongs are tuff

  15. Not at all. Having both a bong and a pipe i would say a .1 bong rip gets you about equally high as a .3 bowl out of a pipe. It doesn't get your tolerence up very much unless you start burning whole bowls in one hit, which im not saying I can't do, it just wastes weed like you say. If you have a bong and just take a hit every few hours you'll find your very high all day and use up only about .5-1gram. Or you could smoke more, it's all up to you.

  16. actually I am correct sir. Quote from wikipedia: However, a 2000 NORML-MAPS cannabis study found that
    "water pipes filter out more psychoactive THC than they
    do other tars, thereby requiring users to smoke more to
    reach their desired effect".
  17. It definitely does, try some oil. Then try some oil off a nail or ti through a bong.

    This is the best way I know to show how this works. You will get exponentially higher from a massive oil rip than you would a ton of rips back to back to back going through a larger amount.

    And if a .1 gets you as high as a .3 bowl, logically, just think about it man.. how could that be occurring if it's not the size of the hit impacting the peak high..?
  18. It's negligible.

  19. THC is not water soluble.

    >wikipedia. Enough said.
  20. Alright smartass, here is the actual link. CA NORML Health Information now you have your proof, don't try to argue with me anymore. I know what I am talking about.

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