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bongs filter out thc

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by nahitscool, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I just googled bong and it said that a study was done that said bongs filter out thc so it takes more to get you high. It also said that the best way to smoke was an unfiltered joint.
  2. Yep. It actually takes out all of it. So bongs actually don't get anyone high and it's just a placebo effect.
  3. Study says that ratio of thc to tar is less in bongs than joints.

    puff for puff, volume of smoke to volume of smoke, joints MAY be better.

    Bongs sure as hell beat joints though, as a joint will burn and lose alot of bud to the air. And glass is usually a quicker and MUCH more pleasant smoke.

    J's have their place and I love them, but nothing can win over glass for the smoking experience. :smoke:
  4. thc is not water-sob so this is absolutely false.

    no matter how i smoke it i get the same high off the same amount of pot everytime
  5. From my experiences, you get way more fucked with bongs, and with less weed.
  6. I'm just gunna call b.s. on that. Thc cannot be absorbed by water. The only affect the water has on the smoke is cooling it down.

    And from personal experience I get way higher off my small bong than I do off joints, though don't get me wrong, I love smoking joints and do so regularly
  7. New study from my room bongs get you high there's no plocibo lol
  8. The best way to smoke is not an unfiltered joint, nor is it the best for THC absorption. The best tools for those methods are glass methods and vaporizers, respectively.
    THC absorption is not an exact science and I have heard various numbers on different things. One percentage I came across was this: Joint - 18% THC, Pipe - 37% THC, Bong - 69%, THC Vape - 90% THC.

    These numbers are not entirely surprising to me because I feel I get more high off of less weed in a bong than in a joint.

    I am not sure about bongs filtering out THC, I would have to do more research.
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    @ everyone discrediting the info, the study is spot on correct. However, its not saying which method will get you high off less weed, but rather the effect of water filtration on the ratio of THC to contaminants. - in essence, THC CAN be absorbed by water, as can all the other resins.
    Look at it this way.

    You have 5000 contaminants in a sample and 25 THC.
    After water filtration you have 4500 contaminants and 22 THC. As the contaminants are water soluble, a large portion (by magnitude) as taken away. However SOME THC is lost as well. The end result is a skeweing of the ratios which state that unfiltered methods give you a better ratio of THC to contaminants. In the first case, you have 200 contaminants per THC. In the second case you have less contaminants, but at a ratio of ~205 contaminants per molecule THC.

    These numbers are rough and completely made up, only serving to prove a point.

    Its just that in joints you use more weed and inhale less as a lot is wasted. This study concerns itself with the ratios of THC and contaminants in the smoke itself, within an ENTIRELY CLOSED SYSTEM, and not with how much weed it would take in each implement to get to the same level of high : Joints will require more because they are inefficient, in a 'open' system, allowing lots to just float away as it burns.

    It follows then that bongs will require less weed to get you to the same place as if you have just smoked a joint; its essentially a closed system when you inhale and nothing is wasted.

    @Fontaine those %'s are a bit weird. The vape I can believe, but pipe 37% and bong 69%?; why would smoking out of an implement combusting the entire substance INCREASE the potency of your herb, which should rest between 10-25% THC?

  10. its the % of the thc in the bud that is used. if you have 20% thc and use a vape at 90% then you are getting 18%thc (90% of 20)
  11. ^Thank you, that makes a LOT more sense; apples and oranges though as that then is dealing with efficiency and not smoke composition
  12. Idk where the fuck you heard that but I know that every time I rip my bong I get fuckin high
  13. this thread... lol, so many a week
  14. yeah man, i feel ya.
  15. they did a thing on Manswers about this a few years ago
  16. I'm gonna go ahead and look at it this way... Even if the water does filter out some THC? The amount is probably nearly insignificant.

    I mean, the study you're talking about says that an unfiltered joint is the most effective method of smoking. But I can tell you right now that I could put half the amount of weed from a joint into a bong and probably get twice as high.

    Because joints just don't do it for me, and bongs do.

    That's not to make any statement on which one is actually more effective, I think it comes down to personal preference and how you smoke. But I don't put even a single grain of salt into these studies.
  17. [quote name='"nahitscool"']I just googled bong and it said that a study was done that said bongs filter out thc so it takes more to get you high. It also said that the best way to smoke was an unfiltered joint.[/quote]

    They're incorrect. A joint will waste more than a bong simply because smoke is going to escape some. And the amount filtered out through a bong will to too little for you to notice, and shouldn't take more to get high. In fact, because a bong hits you all at once, bongs will easily get you higher.

    However a vape beats them both.
  18. The smoke is traveling through a liquid medium, of course it will lose some of its properties. And ill stick with my bong over a wasteful, stinky joint.
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    The amount of THC filtered threw bong water is 3.3%. Nothing to worry about.
  20. Im pretty sure bongs are the device that give you the most percent of THC in your smoke. Next to a vape anyway. Vapes are amazing. But I love my bong! Gets me highhhhhhhhhh :)

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