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Bongs are bad

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Barcelona420, May 25, 2009.

  1. For all you bong smokers I just learned that smoking out of a bong is not at all the best way to take in cannabis. It is because when you smoke, the chemicals stick to the glass part. Also most people do not wash their bong a lot and as a result bacteria invades and that is then smoked which is bad for you.

    You also do not get the most about of THC. The best ways are

    Vaoprzing (somewhere to like 80& of thc is obsorbed.)
    number 2 is surprising.... JOINT! I think blunt would probably be considered the same because they both act the same way and what i mean by that is you light one end and it is lit with the cherry the whole time which acts like vaping it.

    Bowls are not as good because you have the flame so close to your mouth which burns your throat much more. Also a lot of the time you lose smoke when its cherried but you don't want to puff without taking breaths.
  2. Of course vaping is the best, and bong IS 2nd, not joints, lol.
  3. Gravity bong> do not deny its power< else it will make you suffer its wrath!!
  4. ok....

    where did you hear this? or find this?
  5. dude you're crazy. bongs are #1 in my book
  6. if you think a joint is number 2 you are fucking retarded dude.
  7. I'm wondering where you are getting any of this logic from...

    You do realize that it has been proven, you know with science and stuff, that smoking out of a bong is 50% MORE EFFICIENT than smoking out of a joint. With a joint, you only take in 27% of the thc, as opposed to 73% with a bong. A vaporizer is up in the 90% range with the highest efficiency for smoking devices.

    Do you even realize everything you just said is wrong? Did you think you could come here and make things up and not expect any of the 150,000 members to know what they were talking about, unlike you?
  8. i feel like this has been posted before...multiple times
  9. Did you know that trees are actually made out of metal? I know this sounds surprising, but its completely true.
  10. damn. you know your shit SiD
  11. What he said
  12. and also crack prevents anal cancer
  13. whateva you sayyyyy... ima keep smokin my bong. i was thinking about getting a really great new one someday soon :ey:
  14. You guys are all wrong. this isn't my opinion its just the truth. I got this info at oaksterdam university. For those of you who do not know what oaksterdam university is then i highly suggest that you google it.

  15. wow buddy i actually just read this comment and apparently you had a bad tone when reading what i wrote. As a matter of fact tho I am right and you are the one to be wrong... respectfully ofcourse. I did not post this to be negative I just learned it in class today and found it to be interesting.

  16. That's because it has.

    Actually, the study was done by Maps and NORML. The study judges THC to Tar ratio and Vapes are the best followed by joints.

    I made a thread about a month ago that has quite a bit of information as well as open minded responses.

    The original study is contained in this thread as well.
  17. smoke it down ftw

  18. thisis what will happen if you deny the gravity bong, ive seen it happen to people.

    1. the great gravity bong learns you are denying its power


    2. He will than send his most faithful and powerful servant to find you


    3. you will be tortured into insanity and than death


    DO not deny the gravity bong:smoking:
  19. Buffalo beano exactly. right on!
  20. no man ur wrong, u def get more thc outa a bong opposed to a joint.

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