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Bongs and Israel.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iamJEWcy, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. So i am goin to israel this spring. If you hadn't guessed from the title or my name i am jewish so fuck off all you assholes. My sisters been and said there were bongs and bowls everywhere and for really cheap. I want to get one but don't know how i am gonna get it back to the US. Has anyone done this?
  2. it's illegal to take them across state lines. Why even try to take it into another country?

    EDIT: I am almost positive it's illegal to take them across state lines.
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    first off, israel is awesome.
    i wet last year over new years, if you get a chance to go to jerusalem check out the yellow submarine, its a cool little bar.
    I tried to find a head shop or even some hashish and failed miserably. i'd suggest finding someone who has a relative there who can point you in the right direction, i later found out a friend of mines sister lives there and fucking grows her own shit and that if i'd have called her she'd have hooked me up with more bud than i know what to do with:D.
    anyway, u dont have to go overseas to find a good bong and i dont think its worth trying to get it through customs. sure if you dont use it they cant take it but im sure it'll turn some heads.
    GL and HF.

    come to think of it we did see bowls in haifa, but really there were just hookahs everywhere, i got a nice little hookah for mad cheap but it broke before i brought it back, cause we were using it at the bedouin tents and some asshole thought it'd be funny to toss it around.
  4. Shalom FROM Israel,
    I moved from america to israel about 7 months ago, and well lets just say that paraphinalia is abundant but actual hash/grass is hard to find unless you make some local connets, and the worst city to smoke in is jerusalem, as they recently installed security cameras and are considering hashish smoking one of the top priorities, not to mention its dryer than rosie odonells...yeah. But as far as can bring it back to the US as long as its not "dirty" (you havent smoked anything ileagal out of it) if they give you a hard time tell them its a souvenier or some shit. You can get a nice, arabic-looking hand carved bubbler for 30 sheckels (7 bucks) or so (you MUST negotiate, especially if they know youre from out of town) but most people smoke out of some ghetto homemade water bongs with "ksesa" which is hash melted into tobacco (or weed with tobacco) either way, if you dont smoke tobacco, its gonna be really hard to get high here...בהצלחה! (good luck!)
  5. Thanks,I'm in tel aviv right now and I'll prob justt get a hookah because it's less hassle

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