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  1. Has anyone had experience with this site? I still live with my parents so i would rather not have to sign for anything. Do they ship by UPS or USPS to the US? I would much rather have them drop it off outside, or next to my mail box or something then go up to my front door. And i am ordering a 14 inch bong so it would not fit in my mail box. Thanks guys!!! Blaze on! :smoke:
  2. i've bought a few things off there, just an ashcatcher downstem and bowl, have to say i'm presently suprised with the quality of the glass, it looks super china and i wasn't going for anything super nice, but the glass is actually pretty damn thick. but they shipped it to my by usps and it was left outside my garage, no sign needed.
  3. If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take from the time you ordered it, to the time it arrived at your door?
  4. just make sure to be the one who gets the mail the day its delivered. check the tracking info online and get up early.

    or you could just open a PO box and have anything you could ever want delivered go to it. theyre only like 15$ a month around here i think.
  5. i believe on usps's website they have an option for you to hold packages at the post office for pickup.
    and ups never has you sign unless the shipper pays for that option and in that case youd know cuz they would charge you.
  6. I've ordered from this site a number of times, and it's great, good prices, and fast shipping depending on shipping method/location. It's always left outside in front of my door, but I live in Canada so the carrier was Canada Post so not sure what U.S. companies do.
  7. the prices on the site threw me off thinking they only have cheap china bongs that are either low quality/or will break easily. Can anyone confirm or deny this? i really would like to have a bong, instead of just my pipe, but i dont have much disposable income and dont trust anything passing over the border so a Canadian company is a must. thanks blades
  8. It's good glass man, if you want something that is unbreakable make sure you check the details of the piece and how thick the glass is (5.5mm, 7mm, etc.) 7mm thickness would be a very reliable bong. Cheers Happy Smokin'

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