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Bongoutlet.ca - Review

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Elizzle, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. I bought an 11" bong from Bongoutlet.ca to test out their products and see if it was really too good to be true prices from some random site online. It was a 3-finger percolator with a diffused downstem. It came within a week of ordering, which was great. It also did come in a very discreet brown box. I was very satisfied with my purchase. I did notice the glass on one of the fingers was welded in there at a weird angle but thought nothing of it. By the time I got to my fifth bowl, I was in midst hit and the finger just snapped right in the chamber. I was very displeased to say the least. I contacted them and attempted to see if they could help. I got an email back saying it MUST have been my fault and they couldn't help. Well, I was stuck with it now. But within the first month, the downstem got stuck in the bong, and the bowl stuck in the downstem. I take care of my devices and clean them thoroughly, so this shouldn't have happened. I tried to work it out and the downstep snapped off at the diffused part, so it only took off half an inch. So, my overall opinion is that the prices and wait time are great, but the service sucked and the product was messed up to begin with. I may try them one more time for their prices.

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  2. Bongoutlet is a very good for me you probably just got a defective piece. I never use any other store but bongoutlet. Better luck next time.

  3. Damn dude, I'm sorry to hear about that... :( These websites like this offer cheap glass... I'd never buy a cheap cheap bong with that colored glass, usually shity and breaks easily.. The dry pipes are usually not too bad since not too much work is put into those like a bong with a perc needs
  4. Get what you pay for....

    Thanks for the review.
  5. Unfortunate, but true, thanks for being the one to take the hit here man.

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