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  1. I was thinking about walking down the street smoking out of a bong (back when you can go to the slammer with it). I would have attached a good amount of balloons to the bong, so when the cops tried to call me out all I would have to do is let go, and watch their case float away. Not much, but it was a high idea.
  2. The balloons would eventually pop sending the bong smashing to the ground…

    Attach a GPS to the bong, and make it out of sturdy material so you can recover it.
    You'd sell get busted because they have probable cause to test you, but can't actually prove that was weed you were smoking without the bong to test.
  3. Yea, its a working progress.
  4. Great idea man. I love this. If you use cheap acrylic bongs then it probably won't break, and won't be a big deal if you never find it again because it'd be cheap.

    I just use j's or a pipe when I'm out and about though, bongs are too much hassle unless I'm sat down at home :smoking:
  5. A work *in* progress. Not trying to be an ass...maybe op didn't know...
  6. Hell this is awesome. I would let it go and just look at the cop. And when he says WTF WAS THAT! I would just be like I have literally no idea what your talking about officer are you high or something??
  7. Yea, I would not know what to do if I were the officer.
  8. Would work much better with a pipe or bowl
  9. Haha defiantly gonna call some attention to your self walking around smokin bud with a bunch of balloons hangin off your piece
  10. good idea but the cop would shoot at the balloons and call a helicopter for back up
  11. [quote name='"DuquesneDukes"']good idea but the cop would shoot at the balloons and call a helicopter for back up[/quote]

    Cops aren't going to file a bunch of paperwork and shoot into the air (bullets come down eventually) just to shoot down some balloons...

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