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Bongish owe me $1800!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. ...a dollar for every bullshit post you've posted!!!!!

    Congrats on 1800...I'll do a dance for you later in private! ;)

    I'll smoke a fat ass bowl for you right now, though!!!! :D
  2. lol! congrats bongish;)
  3.'re supposed to go "Hell yeah, you owe me $1800 dollars, too!" Then when he gets back and we're all demading money.......he'll go into maybe that's just a stoned idea that might backfire..........yeah, let's just make him owe me the money and then I'll buy some of the best weed ever and we'll all get freaky fried!
  4. lmao!!! freaky fried fridays lol gotta love em. SHOW ME THE MONAY;)!!!!!!!!
  5. HELL YEAH!!!

    bongish you owe jilly 1,800 bucks an now id like some too pay up boy.....

    ya started on that 12 pack dintcha' jilly?....
  6. freaky fried.. the best kind of fried. :D

  7. Yeah, super girl, I sure as hell did! ;)
  8. lol it's saturday today isn't it.......
  9. LMAO @ Daisey...thanks for the laugh. I thought maybe I was fucked up when you said had to go back and see what you said....."freaky fried fridays!" LOL!
  10. What the hell....there was just a post before mine by and Shade both are fucking with me today.
  11. not on purpose :D

    i actually had to check an see if it was

  12. LOL! ...and I thought Daisey was bad. :D
  13. lmao!!!!!! u'd think i was the one dippin into a 12 pack and smokin the green!!! i wish i was;)
  14. rumjillykins ya know when ya say super girl,....ya gotta do kinda the batman song,..
    DaDaDaDa...Suuuuuper Girl....
    you did that right?
    i forgot to tell ya guys that
  15. DaDaDaDa...Suuuuuper Girl....

    gotcha...from now on, I'll have it in my head.

    I'll wake up and bitch at you in the Good Morning thread tomorrow morning because I'll probably wake up with it in my head.
  16. dadadada........suuuuuper how was that!

    oh and rumjilly been meanin to tell ya i love the new avatar!!
  17. i cant help its stuck in my head....

    dadadada....super girl
    id reather go back to thinking about duct taping things...maybe my mouth shut eh?

    then it would sound like.....

    nanana uper irl

    i know cause i just did it
  18. I really believe that you did do that!

    Thanks, Daisey. I feel refreshed.
    It's a Gong logo.

    I gotta look for a thread.
  19. I really believe that you did do that!

    good cause i did :D
    ill admit it hurt like hell pullin it i yell at my kids for doin stupid crap like that...
    *they didnt see me
  20. lol yous welcom hun;)!! a big smoke in with 1800 buckaroos worth of pot!!!! now your talkin:D

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