Bonging a J, dont add tabacco, too much

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  1. Tried a J i had lying around, in my new home made bong which is really good and can adapt to most bottles easily and have tubes for a few ppl ;) and other attachements etc.. and basically it there was quite a bit of tabacco in there and man i felt pretty crap after lol bonged the whole thing in my garden wiht some real creammy hits :D and after i had to lay down, i know normally id be ok if i had a J to my self but my mate who rolled put way to much tabacco in and i know the feeling form smoking tabacco through a bong before and it wasnt nice, anyone else experienced that?:wave: will post pics of my homemade sometime :p
  2. why the fuck would you or your friend put tabacco in with weed???? not trying to be mean but thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard...shit would ruin the taste of the weed not to mention proly make you sick like your saying.... i mean i got a buddy who ripps pieces of a blunt rap off and put that in with his weed and bong ripps and i think that fools crazy... i wont even hit his bong cause it make every hit of dank taste like shit...and i smoke whats this world comming to lol
  3. Haha, yeah man. People these days...

    Smoking tobacco from a bong doesn't sound too pleasant, it would probably result in me vomiting seeing as I don't smoke cigs and such. Leave your spliffs out of glass, I suppose.
  4. i was pretty sure it would be horrible lol, but its all i had and i wanted to test my new homemade lol was a pretty bad idea, didnt think it would be that horrible lol
  5. smoking tobacco from a bong is probably the most unpleasant thing ever. Even if the hit is smooth, you are going to cough up a lung as you exhale.
  6. you retards ever here of a spliff???? dam quit rattin on the kid. SPLIFFS FO DAAYYYZZZZ :smoke:
  7. Well us retards actually read the OP and it has absolutely nothing to do with a spliff, troll. The thread is about smoking wacko tobacco in a bong, get it right.
  8. lessons have to be learnt and i learnt it lol, only 18 aint a big smoker so everyones gotta find out somewhere haha
    although my mates i smoke with call me the one who knows all cos im always on here haha, cant afford to do it loads and nicer to save it for once in a while to chill out with some mates, have a laugh, always got a new bong creation to show em as well :p

    yeah but end of the day it was horrible and jsut putting the message out there, dont try it lol

  9. Read the OP? Haha I can't make heads or tails of that epic run-on but I'm pretty sure he did have a spliff that he pulled on through a homemade.

  10. i think it is about splifs because he said tobacco was mixed in, therefore it had to be mixed in to weed, unless it was just mixed in to more tobacco. but yeah, i dont reallly like to mix my weed, even if its conserving, the taste is nasty.

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