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  1. I bought a new bong. I've smoked weed a lot of times, but only with joints, and I wanted to try with a bong. Now is it just me, or does the cannabis burn 10x faster in a bong than a joint? I guessed, since I'm a newbie, I must have done something wrong, but I can't find what.:confused: How much pot should I add? Half the filter? Fill to the top? How do I burn it? I had to put more and more into it after 3 hits or smth . EVERY TIME :mad:
    Totally stupid question, I know, but as I said, newbie w/ bongs.:confused_2:

  2. well i cant understand most of your post, but go to youtube and type in how to use a bong:eek:
  3. Light it once and don't hold the lighter on it forever and load as much as you want.Bongs do go through weed a little faster because the amount of smoke you inhale is generally larger than if you used a normal bowl.Joints are worse than bongs in just about every category,joints win in stealthiness and portability,but thats about it IMO.

  4. I know, but I find it kinda hard to use. And the screen is all black now :mad:
  5. Yea bongs torch your weed. That's one of the drawbacks to using them in my opinion. Ahhh I remember my first bong...

  6. I think I'm doing something wrong. It can't burn THAT fast. That way nobody would chose bongs, lol :D

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