1. Give me links to the sickest bongs that i could get for around $150. I am looking for a glass piece that is around 2 feet tall and i would like to get a perc in there and maybe a precooler and a carbon filter. Thanks Guys!
  2. And that's the only link allowed to be posted lol.
  3. yeah ive looked on grasscity just looking for a little help but thanks and really? only link alllowed? why?
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  5. A q u a l a b s t e c h n o l o g y .com son!
  6. local head shop..

    hit up etsy for some artist.

    nd what the last guy said.
  7. LOL, you want a 2 foot bong with a perc, a precooler, and a carbon filter for $150. Enjoy your janky China glass.
  8. well i was going for a two foot bong with a perc a precooler and a carbon filter for 150 hahaha but 200 is fine too and the carbon filter would be nice but i dont need one. Thanks abk1016
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    The cost of a carbon filter would be negligible. If you're leaving out the precooler (which you wouldn't need IMO with a carbon filter and a perc'd piece), you'll be able to find a decent bong for $200. I would check local headshops first, you'd probably be able to get the carbon filter for free if you bought the bong at a headshop.
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    Why a 2 foot bong? Just for the lol factor or do you like raping your lungs having to clear it? And I would choose a carbon filter over a precooler because it filters out more, and is cheaper.
  11. I generally wouldn't recommend a perk'd bong in that range, because usually the perks aren't that great. You could get a $100 no perk tube (like HVY, for example), and a $100 A/C, I would look for a good inline in that range, or maybe an MGW showerhead (haven't used it but it looks pretty good), and you would probably have better diffusion and less drag...However, if you really want a perk I would look at the store here for your options. I would avoid spiral perks in that price range, just a warning.

    The best diffusion you will get will be from a bubbler though. I recommend B. wilson's 6 arm, or headford's inline, or the "octobong" on the store here, but there are lots of other options. (I haven't personally seen the octobong, but it looks like it will offer good diffusion, but be warned the glass is thin, so you would need to be very careful with it)

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