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Bong wtr

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. I made a bong and you light a j at the tem instead of a bowl... its hot... anyways... i just took a HUGE hit and inhalled all the bong water... it tated like blueberrys.. is htis the THC in me or is this bad? haha i wanna drink it but i know bong water usually pukealicios... haha i cant breate
  2. you'll wanna not drink bong water.. nasty.. i use that as a punishment for spilling bongs
  3. i watched this movie a while ago called "out cold" where this guy grabs a bong, not knowing what it was, and drinks it, thinking it was alcohol, and then goes back to partying without even flinching... crazy bastard.
  4. out cold was funny shit

    i never saw it high though

    i think i will

    thank you very much for the great idea! i think its awesome that like 100 years ago if you told someone that you could be inspired to do something by someone thousands of miles away by having them transmit their thoughts through their fingertips on a plastic board with a bunch of squares on it and from that point their thoughts would be stored in a box that you could connect to from your box at home and then read they would just look at you as though you were a crazy person. wow. if you told that to someone a 1000 years ago they would think you were really crazy or maybe a prophet. WOW!! what if you could bring them to now and just drive them around!! they would think its a crazy magical thing with super bright lights and thunder under the hood and holy shit what would they think of the sound system!!! what would they think of subwoofers!?!?!?!?!?! they would think 40 mph was super fast! What if you went like 125!! with crazy music blaring!!! could they even comprehend it???

    shit, maybe i should post this on another thread

    i don't think i would drink bong water though,

    my friend said that his brother made him drink JD that they used for bongwater- Now I just think thats crazy

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