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Bong without a downstem

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ptv99, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. I got this pretty sweet bong i got on haight. Its about a 1 1/2 feet, got 5percs, and the bowls an average size. I use to have a diffuser downstem on it, which was pretty nice, but it broke. shattered all over my floors. was pissed off, but someone told me that it'd cost like 40bucks to replace it. I've been hitting my bong lately with no downstem. I just fill it up with ice water, till its a good amount, then i load the bowl and place it on where the downstem normally is. It still rips pretty good, but not nearly as smooth. Anyone know if this is good? lately i've been getting migraines, and i thought it might be cuz i was hitting my bong without a downstem. Does having a downstem make it that much better? should i even put water in my bong, if i dont have one?

  2. so your pretty much just poppin the slide in where the dstem was, and filling it double so the slide reaches the water...i mean the only thing i could think that would do is cause mad air leaking and make your hits less milky.... but getting the slide and the stem are both just glass, there isnt anything in the slide that would cause headaches without the stem.... Do you have allergies or anything man, its MAD flowering season for plants and my allergies give me the worst headaches around this time of year
  3. Great post. Its true, I have seasonal allergies and sometimes I end up with a headache occasionally for that same reason.

    OP, I suggest you buy a cheap bowl or nice $35 grommet bong, just to hold you over 'till you have some cash to buy a nice tube, something of much higher quality.:smoke:
  4. I feel your pain, I broke mine a while back and was downstem-less for a month. But I got a replacement for 9 bucks, diffused and all. If I recall I may have gotten in on 4/20 and everything is 50% off at my fav headshop but $18 beats $40 any day. I've seen them in flea markets too for around $15 so you might just wanna take a trip around town!

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