bong with no bowl

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  1. This bong my friend bought me doesn't have a bowl, everything gets stuck in stem and it filthy and I can't clean it out, any ideas
  2. ISO

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  3. alcohol...^^^
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    A bong with no bowl, is like a jazz singer with no soul
    Like a stoner who can't roll, like a semi truck out of control
    A bong with no bowl, is like a prostitute with no hole
    Like a rich man on the dole, like an angry rabid mole.
  5. If it doesn't have a bowl how are you using it?
  6. It probably has a one-hitter bowl. my first glass bong had one and it took me a long time to figure it out. I used tinfoil bowls for awhile. They're not that hard to clean. Out the tube in a medium ziploc & fill with iso alcohol and coarse salt as well as some hot water. Shake like crazy. When you're done, use a Q-Tip to get anything left and rinse with HOT water. You can also rinse with very hot water first to loosen up the rest.

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