Bong with gatorade?

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  1. Has anyone ever tryed it? I was at my friends house a day ago and we wanted to try it, so we put cherry gatorade in his bong and it was amazing... like after you would take a hit your mouth would taste like you just ate a cherry sucker or something. And i generally dont like the taste of weed so this idea is a plus for me haha... Sooo, have you tryed it? :D
  2. Weed taste sooo good man... cmon :smoking:
  3. never tried Gatorade, i've always wanted to try it though. ususally though, i'll use soda, i usually use carbonated liquids. my personal favorite is voltage Mountain Dew. try using fruity sodas, coke/RootBeer/ Dr.Pepper don't work as well as BigRed/Fanta/MountainDew/Sprite.
  4. well it tastes ok but id much rather have a different and better taste than it though. :smoking: But yeah try the gatorade its really good lol.
  5. Nice Homie, I Love The Tast Of Good Weed. But Yah People Have Told Me Puting Anything Besides Water takes THC but who knows haha, Good Idea Il Try It Sometime :smoking:
  6. Negs for all of you. Weed has no better taste.
  7. Why are you using THC soluable liquids in your bong.. What a waste
  8. I personally use water....but hey, if you want to kill the high youre getting, go ahead! Glad Im not smoking with you guys. lol.
  9. ive tried many things and the only thing that stood out was grape soda but never tried gatorade.

    you can never beat ice/cold water/snow it gets me :smoking::hippie:!!!! the smoke is so chilled i cant even feel the harshness of some dank buds and idk about everyone else but to me it makes my weed taste better
  10. When i used snapple i could tell the difference and it was delicous, and when i used orange juice i could tell too but i used my plastic 3 footer so it didnt taste as good
  11. i dont see why a few people are saying it kills the high... ive smoked out of it 4 times now and got high each time, so i dont know what your talking about. :rolleyes:
  12. i used gatorade yesterday only because i had no water and was in my car worked alright.
  13. i've used different liquids in homemade bongs but never in a "good" bong.

    also, i don't see why so many people are saying these sugary drinks are absorbing the THC or not letting you get high.
  14. thc is fat saluable. so you use a liquid that has fats and sugars in it. the thc in the smoke which passes through the liquid stays in the liquid more so then it would with just plain ol water

  15. Hmmmm you bring up a good point.
    Does this mean if I use diet fanta, mnt dew, snapple or anything else that has 0cal/fat and 0sugars then it should be the same high as water?
  16. well i doubt its any noticeable amount and i doubt it really effects it, but just putting it out there lol
  17. Maybe haha. Ive just never tried with anything but water. So im curious, i think ill get something like diet **Help me out here, something diet that would taste good through a bong** and the same of that not diet.
  18. haha idk man there's not a lot of good diet drinks out there lol just go with gatorade or something from sonic. my friend and i got a slush or something from sonic and put it in there i think it was a watermelon slush idk i was too baked, but it was pretty tasty. but imo there's nothing better then packing your bong full of snow
  19. I've personally used Powerade and gotten just as high to my knowledge as I did with water. I may have lost some THC, but not enough to matter. The short time that the smoke is actually in the liquid isn't enough to take that much THC. As for the flavor though, it doesn't do much. If anything it adds a placebo effect as far as flavor goes, or so it seemed to me.
  20. Damn man i really like your sig..really makes me think bout dem saints :D:D haha just messin man

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