Bong with a galileos thermometer inside of it.

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    Wouldn't be cool if some one made one some how like a tube inside a tube just for show?
  2. That would be hot doggin' epic! Would probably cost a pretty penny though
  3. No, it wouldn't. What's the point?
  4. He said it would be just for show
  5. whats the point of having a tube with all kinds of colors. It looks cool....
  6. But it would cost much more, and it would never be able to be done.
  7. Ok navigator.

    first, if the thermometer was chambered off, the special liquid insidethat makes the balls tell the temperature would not be a problem.

    2nd on models ive seen personally the balls are small and it is probably possible to make them smaller...

    3rd a two foot bong is rather positive a chamber about a foot long that was sealed and had a tube down the middle of the thermometer would make a nice wouldn't have to be large at all....or extremely large in this case
  8. you could make it like those liquid filled cups that you put in the freezer so the liquid will freeze. but indead of water it would be the same as a Galileo thermomete.r

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