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  1. I used Green Glass cleaner i bought from a head shop mixed it properly and let it sit over night like the directions said. I got up and rinsed it with hot water at first it looked perfectly clean then i looked at it ten mins laters and its full of fog marks and water marks/streaks any ideas on how to get this bad boy cleaned up correctly. Ill never buy that glass cleaner again. Hit me with some techniques you guys use

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    You can get rid of water stains with vinegar. It gets rid of any hard water deposits. And if it's foggy that could be condensation. I personally use grunge off. I've never had a problem with it.

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  3. Acetone son

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  4. clean it more often next time, too.
  5. I used white spirits and put grinded salt in there, shook it up, and then repeated 2-3 times

    turns out pretty good, then rinse it with water a couple of times to make sure the spirits are gone
  6. The white marks and crap is probably more due to your water.  It's the minerals in the water.  When you finish cleaning, do a final rinse with distilled water to clear out the minerals before they dry.  Also try to use distilled water in your pipe to avoid this issue.
    If I can't get something out, my last resort is acetone but be careful with it.  I do acetone, lots of water rinses, grunge off and then more water rinses.  Normally I just use grunge off.
  7. Iso ,salt and alcohol swabs for those hard to reach places. Rinse well after of course.
  8. wrong quote?
  9. Try KABOOM.
    Gets rid of all the deposits on my glass stuff.
    Let it soak.
  10. Any certain kind of kaboom?

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    Any idea what could be used to plug a joint like this while trying to soak the entire tube for cleaning?

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  12. rubber stoppers, I got a set with a few sizes from my lhs
    or use an adaptor (female to female) and then a glass stopper, get some keck clips to keep it all together
  13. A balloon over the tip. That's what I do to my bongs.
  14. Soke it in hot water then run iso an salt threw it, rince an repeat till shes mint

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  15. Like the DOG said. Acetone w/ salt, then rinse with warm water, then vinegar to remove water stains. Also a rubber band and plastic will cover anything.

    Toke On!
  16. Fuck it. Give up and load a bowl. 
    Plastic bag.
  18. Use isopropyl alcohol + course grain salt.
  19. Try soaking it with Simple Green. I'm not sure what is in Green Glass, but most commercial bong cleaners are just isopropanol and salt anyway. And while that combo usually does a decent cleaning job, the salt often leaves stains on your glass. It's non-toxic too, unlike isopropanol or acetone.
    Never heard of using vinegar! I'll have to give it a try.
  20. Is simple green just a regular house hold cleaner?

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