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  1. I heard of using bong water to water plants i havent tried it yet but if u change bong water every day and mix half 1/3 bong water and 2/3 pure water would help any. If in correct then the water in bongs collects thc and if used to water plants then would increase the thc in the plants if u heard anything about this , if it works or not post up something. And maybe it can help your plants and your high after all.
  2. Plants like the "taste" of water that we like to drink. Would you drink bong water? Hell no.
  3. ive did it ,yes ive drank it not to good but if the plants like it
  4. They don't like it, Plus its not good to injest either. You saw this in a movie didn't you?
  5. ok what is left after you smoke a bowl?
    carcinagins ... all the stuff that didnt burn is bad stuff from the first plant you smoked that it didnt process in growth ...
    this makes me think that youre polluting the plant not helping it ... sure it will do its best to filter and use it but not like filtered water, tap water, or rain water ...
    who cares what it tastes like they grow around ponds of stagnant water too and thrive but i wouldnt drink that shit either .... whats the PH the EC and PPM of the bong water ? id have to figure that before taste ...:confused:
  6. Would you want to drink Tar, ash and other disgusting shit that the bong water catches?
    Neither would your plant.
  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....

    if i tip orange juice on my orange tree will the oranges be more orangey???
  8. I HATE nOOBIE potheadS ;) think about if it were legal how many stupit people there would be!! the only reason i wont fight for decrim, the facts are obvious~!
  9. ooh i hate when people just start doing something to! ARGHHH!!!

    people should just learn everything in the first minute they start doing something, or else someone on a forum, WITH 7 POSTS, will get mad.


    everyone is a noob sometime, it happens. this is where they come for advice, not ridicule. take that shit over to the Free Advice forums.

    the city isn't for bashing, especially from noob posters.

    and who the fuck doesn't fight for legalization.

    you are a fucking prick for saying, "this about if it were legal how many stupit people there would be!!"

    my asshole father says stupit and i fucking hate how it sounds. so that brought some anger out on it's own.

    fine somewhere else to hate on people cuz this isn't the fucking place.
  10. so much for being easy-going, open, and constructive I suppose. I'll admit, it is a rather a silly question, but I, in my early days of puffing, had heard that wives-tale as well. I am relatively new to this site (just joined today) but definatley not new to the scene. I cringe at the thought of a forum, which is educational in purpose, that takes the winds out of a newbies sail. Encourage the new generation, dont deter them, they are the future of this magnificent plant, and need to be "grown" and nurtured with the attentivness that we show our beloved plant.

    P.S - DO NOT FEED YOUR PLANTS BONG WATER - this probably would have been a suitable answer to the persons question
  11. STFU :wave:
  12. i second up4anything motion. please... if you would...shut the fuck up.

    all knowledge must start somewhere, if you dont learn, you'll always be wrong. thank you for your time.
  13. plz learn to spell before you attempt to insult someone or a group of really makes you look stupid.
  14. dont waste it by feeding it to ur plants, drink it yourself.

    water = pure and fresh
    heat = nice to keep us warm and fuzzy
    weed = fun to smoke

    how can adding those three together not sounds delicious enough to drink?
  15. I am very humbled and actually proud to see my bretheran pick up for our "botanist-in-trainning" It shows quite a bit of maturity and wisdom. Hopefully whoever that was with the slanderous remarks has learned a valuable lesson on tolerance and the way education actually works, by educating, not deconstructive criticism
  16. I just wanna say that taste is not a reason to go on. My only point is that plants love earthworm casting tea and I would never even consider drinking that!
  17. In the final analysis, and this is based on science, carcinogens are BBBBbbbbaddddd, even if it doesn't hurt your plant it is going to make your weed more harmfull to smoke. Don't feed poison to your plants, someone or something will pay a negative price.

    Lastly, feeding bong water is another of those urban pot legends that are just not true.
  18. Affirmative....on that Chimera ......Bong water bad.....also NO THC in the water bcuz Thc in not "water soluble".......THC will dissolve in Fat and Alcohol....only.... that's why "Pot Tea" is another Urban myth:cool:
    If ya' want better weed buy better seeds:smoking:
  19. hey, what if you isolated the THC in some alcohol and diluted that in water and fed it to your plants? You'd have to get like a double chamber bong, put water in the first chamber to filter out carcinogens, then like everclear in the second to collect the THC. you could dillute the THCahol in water and feed it to your plants. It'd probably just be a waste of weed, but I'm curious how it'd turn out.

    As for the pot tea: though THC is not readily soluble in water, if you heat the water up high enough that might make a big enough difference to take the THC into solution. I use oil when I cook my rice. At first the oil just sits on top, but as the water heats up, it eventually disipates...
    Course I'm just speaking hypothetically, I've never tried to make pot tea So I can't really say for sure.
  20. That was really crappy to say to anyone new to this!!!!!!!!! I have heard so much crap in the past about do this and do that to your plants, all crap!!!!!!! Since coming here I have learned so much! No question is stupid if you are really in the learning mode!!!!!!! I almost fell off my chair when I saw a ? about pissing on your plants!!!!! But I'm sure somone somewhere that has never grown, has said that pissing on your pot plants is a good thing! (thank God that's not something that I would have to do to improve my grow! LMAO) Better that you asked before you did it!

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