bong water?

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  1. I vape all of my bud and when I'm home I vape through a bong. Now I know it's supposed to filter out plant matter and particulates.

    Any value in using this water when I feed my plants? I already mix whatever duff I have into my soil mix.

  2. no no and no.

    ill put it this way.. do YOU want to drink that shit?

    as far as adding your "duff" what end?

    THC is not a "mobile element", you cant feed it to your plants.
    you cant make the plant stronger by "getting it high" period.

    watering roses with perfume doesnt make them smell better. it just kills them.
    its not a perfect analogy but, it is what i had.
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    I'm not saying that it would get the plant high or anything I'm not retarded(I am blazed tho). My duff is so heavily vaped that I doubt there is much if any usable thc left so making any kind of extract or cooking with it isn't worth my time. I add the duff because essentially it super dried out cannabis buds I'm "assuming" that this finely powdered dried out vegetation matter contains a bunch of the stuff that my plant wants to eat. As far as the water goes I'm going by the same conjecture, if the water filters out plant matter and particulates then why wouldn't that be good for the plant wouldn't it be like a super weak cannabis tea.

    Also to reiterate this duff and bong water is a byproduct of vaporization NOT smoking.

    If you had rotten tomatoes and you were growing tomato plants wouldn't the rotten tomatoes end up making a pretty good compost for your tomato plants? This is my logic it may be flawed but that's what I'm asking for.

  4. I'm not sure tomatos are good compost. What i heard is that because of all the seeds in tomatos you would have a lot of wild tomatos popping up. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong because I would really like to use my tomatos in my compost bin.
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    Fuck me.

    OK, dawg valid point but off target how about we compost magical seedless tomatoes. Would the tomato plant enjoy the tasty goodness of the magical seedless tomato compost?
  6. You know what i would do pour your used bong water on your compost pile I don't see what that would hurt.
  7. need to build a compost bin that's my next project. I've got an assload of veggie seedlings that need to be repotted and sent outside to get off my kitchen table so as soon as I'm done with that I'm going to start messing with composting.
    the tomato example was purely hypothetical I fucking hate tomato plants they smell disgusting and my gf has at least 50 of them started.
  8. Plants can only uptake nutrients as simple inorganic ions.

    what that means is, any vegetative matter needs to be broken down (composted) before it is viable to a plant.

    IMHO, adding your "duff" really isnt going to influence your soil (re: plant) one way or the other....UNLESS you are adding enough carbonized plant matter to effect the soils PH, or properly adding it to compost, but thats a different topic.

    i still stand fast on the bong water. .. Growers spend 100's$ on RO systems to make sure their water is clean. a healthy plant needs clean water.
  9. Lol. How high were you when you posted this thread? I'll have what he's having.
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    @cyrate I think that give me what I need.
    @nj I cleaned my old mflb at work last week in iso and forgot all about it. I got into work today and found all the iso had evaped and I was left with some sticky goodness. I added a tiny bit to some mids and I'm feeling nice.

    I do have some retarded ideas I was vaping straight kief last night and was watching knowing(stupid movie) I was so retarded that I felt like steven hawking. I'm thinking to my self about how time travel is impossible because there is no such thing as time. If you can fold space you still wouldn't be able to time travel because all you'd be doing was making a shorcut from point a to point be. if i drive the long way to work and it takes me 15 minutes but i find a short cut that only takes me 2 I haven't gone 13 minutes into the past I just traveled a shorter path. then I get back to the whole time travel thing and decide that what most people think of as time travel would just be interdimensional and that wouldn't work because we exist on all planes at all times. Yes I'm completely blasted and I guess I have a weed hangover of sorts from last night. I just let my mind wander all day and do some work here and there when necessary. I can still think and act perfectly fine at all times. I'm well practiced!

    Oh yeah then I forgot all about what I was thinking about and went back to watching the shitty movie left wondering why there were so many religious overtones and why the aliens looked like angels. then I went to sleep pissed that I watched such a shitty movie.

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