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bong water

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BlnkBoi182, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. i heard that if you drank bong water, you would get this true? also, does watering plants with bong water make them better in any way? and does anyone know anything i can put in the bong water to make the smoke taste better or different? one more thing, i heard a rumor that smoking thru a aliuminim can, or tin foil releases toxic fumes and whatnot, does anyone know if there is any truth to this??

    thank you for any replys...
  2. a.) the only thing drinking bong water will do is make you puke-for one, the water acts as a filter, trapping all the impurities and cooling the smoke.. hence all the leftover crap is in the water, and second of all... thc is fat soluble, not water soluble... this is why pot brownies work so well... when you cook weed in butter it absorbs all the THC... as for your plants i wouldnt recommend it for the same reasons mentioned above, i cant imagine a plant benefitting from carcinogens.

    b.) mixing your bong water with some alcohol gives it a nice taste... try something like Parrot Bay Rum or a flavored drink like shnapps... also I used to have a double chambered bong that let you put ice in the top... very nice.. the cooler you can make the smoke the better

    c)i never liked smoking out of cans... it most likely does release fumes.. maybe not toxic, but relatively unhealthy, and it makes the smoke taste awful... foil seems less harmul than a can, because it is used to cook food in IE baked potatoes
  3. foil is bad man, but also i heard puting alcohol in ur bong kills the thc so i wouldnt do that.
  4. smoking outa tinfoil or aluminum cans can create toxins.
  5. thats wrong dude... that stuff tastes so bad and then the waste lingers in your mouth for hours afterwards. say not to bongwater.
  6. 1.) bong water doesn't get you high. It's a very bad idea.

    2.)watering with bong water will help the plants because it is water but regular water is better

    3.)for flavoring in bong water anything minty ie. listerine strips, mouth wash, etc.

    4.)smoking out of cans is bad. they WILL cause fumes. foil is ok as long as you don't us it over and over again then the foil starts breaking up and can release fumes.
  7. thc is alcohol soluble as well, so i never use alcohol as bong liquid.... cherry jones soda with crushed ice is pretty damn good, but depending on the bong size you might need a few bottles. drinking bongwater is nasty and you should never try it. Constant use of tinfoil can lead to alzheimers because of the fumes if you scorch the foil

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