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Bong Water

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whatigot, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. To me its fucking nasty and smells bad. but my friends keep it in their bong. can someone tell me why they are keeping it in their bong.:confused:
  2. sometimes i keep it in my bong because I get lazy.
  3. there too lazy to change it or they are dumb and think it gets them higher....:bongin:
  4. Eek, they probably think it gets them higher or something.
  5. yucky, i would want fresh water each time. Water doesn't absorb THC, so it can't get you higher.
  6. Well I do this time to time so Ill put my 2 cents in. I despise bong water. I actually find it so gross that the second it spills even if like 5 drips i go ocd and got to clean it instantly. I do keep bong water in my pieces sometimes just out of pure laziness, No I do not think it will get me higher but this is how it works. I usually toke before going to bed in my room from a double bubbler. Right after im done Im way to baked or relaxed to go empty it so ill put it away. Next day when i wake up i wanna toke and I see the bubbler already filled so I just say fuck it and just pack it. Its a pain in the ass to fill up and empty every time i want to use it. Its also hard to just empty it cause I still live with my parents and I cant just walk out of the room with a bubbler to empty it. Do I prefer fresh water for every hit? Sure. But am I willing to do it? No just out of pure laziness.
  7. Damn, my friend cleans it like every day!
  8. my friend kept his bogn water in for 3 months claimin it got him higher..i chuckled and never smoked with him..outta the bong
  9. Actually, water does filter out some THC. It's a small amount, but some is filtered out none the less.
  10. I have no idea why anyone would subject themselves to that. I clean mine hourly when using it and when done immediately empty it. That's just nasty dude..
  11. yeah my friends usually dont clean it if they are just lazy...

    and we only pull the "drinking the bong water makes you higher" on noobies to get a laugh
  12. Worst i do is leave it after i use it, but i always pre clean the slide and the bong at least with a scalding water rinse and shake before i pack it with ice water and bud,
    i think the reason why is your friend is playing with a 34 card deck
  13. I clean (and subsequently) change the water in all my smoking devices after every use.

    Why is the hell would someone want to pay money for good weed only to F it up with nasty dirty bong water?

    That's like fuckin a hot chick with a dirty used rubber.
  14. that's a bad comparison. Your not gonna F up your weed by not switching your bong water, you don't smell it when you hit your bong and by the time your done the first hit you don't notice anyway...

    I do clean my bong often but if I don't it's not a big deal. At all.
  15. #15 SlowBurn, Sep 29, 2009
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2009

    Difference of opinion. Personally I can smell thanks.

    Of course I'm a little OCD mwhen it comes to smokin. I always pack my bong with ice and water...makes it so much more enjoyable.
  16. they keep it in there bong cuz the older an longer its in there. the more THC it absorbes over time which means. once you drink it, it will get you SUPPER blitzed!!!


  17. I always try to keep care of my bubb (same difference) but if I don't change the water for a couple sessions it doesn't bother me.
  18. they save it for later for a nice beverage
  19. I personally don't mind bong water. I don't think it gets me higher or anything but sometimes I get too lazy to clean/remove it and I don't really notice a difference cleaned or not so why not keep it in for a little longer? (I do however clean it weekly so it doesn't get TOO dirty)

    However when I first started blazing, my friend told me if we use gatorade instead of water and we drink it we will get so much higher.... Believe it or not, it didn't taste bad at all but it was a pain in the ass to clean.

  20. I thought this was common knowledge? oh well.:hide:

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