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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by budtoker, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. does bong water grow better cheeba
  2. why would this be in advanced growing techniqes?......would you drink bong water on a daily basis?..........didn't think your plants aint gonna like it either.........i wonder how this myth originated?..........the water is used to cool the smoke, but also as a filtering system to keep out some of the non-wanted chemicals........chemicals that your plants could be doing without..........Peace out........Sid

    i'll leave it here in advanced to see if any other growers think there is any advantages to it........but i doubt it...........where did you hear of this?..........
  3. put whisky in the bong instead of water instead and drink it after a few bongs...nice...

  4. you kidding aint ya?.........does it taste nice?.......possibly after a hit or 2, but if you leave it too long it would taste like shit!...........have you actually tried it?.......Peace out.......Sid
  5. personally i gage just thinking about drinking bongwatta.

    but seeing as tho we are in the advanced channel here is a thought on BW...

    u grow is soil, which has an amazing amount of buffering power. it is also full of micro bugs.

    and u are burning dried plant material that has lots of advanced complex molicules that are obviously water soluble, or they prob wouldnt be in the water to any extent.

    there could be a chance that feeding those bugs this concoction of 'food' could theoretically recycle the aminoacids and other building materials at a greater rate than without.

    the water soluble part is that the bugs have a good chance of getting to and breaking down the molicule. also the soil is able to handle that water soluble 'stuff' alot easier than non-watersoluble stuff.

    so what u would need to know is...

    does the bugs digest this 'food' and produce larger quanities of the building blocks? that is easy to do in a lab.

    does the plant take up those building blocks or does it have to make them itself? yea, plants make most of the stuff they need but certainly they bring in stuff from outside.

    is there a symbiosis with these bugs and the plant? certainly in the wild...every single plant has 'bugs' en mass helping it out. there isnt a plant out there that is an island. the soil is full of life. my guess is that if some young botanist/ecologist had it in him/her, they could trace MJ backwards to native ground and start to find some symbiosis fungi and others. certainly this area would be a good start to try and find these bugs that would have the best chance of being able to bring thru these building blocks into the transpiry system of the plant. it would take alot of work but possiable.

    but if u want my opinion...i think its a dumb idea to pour BW into ur soil and that all that stuff above is BS :)
  6. You sure did write a bunch and put a bunch of thought to come to the conclusion that its not a good idea. :D

  7. yes at a new years eve party...we made a big ! bong and put whisky in and had a good hit each and drank the whisky and somehow i made it home..i think so the missus said !!
  8. thats a pretty big rumor cuz theres alot of people that think im a dumbass for not using it on my plants but i believe u guys over them
  9. i think they are a dumbass for telling u that u are a dumbass for not using it :)
  10. dont listen to anyone who says its a good idea
    tis bad bad an bad
    the best water to feed ye plants
    is that which has been filtered through rich soil
    bw contains nothin special
    an doesnt help
    ive tried it

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