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Bong Water...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Masterboss, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. My friends told me if I drink bong water it will get me high, I gave it a try and didn't notice any effects, did I drink enough?

  2. THC doesn't dissolve in water. Bong water is therefore useless to drink haha.
  3. dude thats disgusting..
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  4. Haha, obviously I'm joking, however we did manage to convince some idiot to drink the stuff, was so funny watching them drink it :p
  5. Dick move but funny as hell.  
  6. lol they are trying to trick you to get a laugh.. Don't do it you will throw up.
  7. Your friends were just fucking with you. Everyone always tries to pull that shit on new people and they always do it! like if it got you high, why didn't everyone fight to be able to drink the water and not just you? I don't get some people.
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  8. #8 Weedity, Jun 7, 2013
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    Drink a lot more. 
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  9. you gotta save it up for a while. dont change the water for at least 6 months. then drink it. you will be ripped
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  10. lol, look at him try to cover it up.
  11. [​IMG]
    Oh no you don't,  can't cover up this one. 
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    ok no offense but are u stupid? why the hell on earth would u drink dirty bong water? that can make you really sick, not fucking high.
  13. Next time, make sure your pour all the ash of the bud you smoke into the water, give it a stirr, maybe add alittle chocolate milk mix and drink it all there an then :) :) :)
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    Haha this reminded me of two summers ago. We had been ripping my baby for a while and I got an idea I told my buddy I would give him all my money in my wallet(26)to drink it. He did it and it was half a regular powerade bottle. Best twenty six bucks I have ever spent. Wish I still had that video lol
    Edit:couldn't see through the bottle at all and we took off the label. Poor kid
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  15. wow
  16. People need to stop with this 'no offense' stuff. Anyways, it is a stupid idea. Period.
  17. Haha, I am quite stupid but not stupid enough to drink bong water, but I thought it might put a smile on a few faces to think someone could actually believe that bong water can make you high, as I said I managed to convince some poor newbie that it had THC in it :)
  18. Okay we all know drinking bong water is stupid and disgusting.
    However there is definitely some THC lost to the water in a bong, and yes, I know THC isn't water soluble, but other cannabinoids might be and there is plenty of other stuff in tap water. So it seems to me that if you had enough bong water that had had enough weed smoked through then you might possibly be able to get high from drinking it. I know you can do it with alcohol, so water would just be a much less potent version.
  19. Alcohol gives the cannabinoids a carrier molecule that can be circulated through the system and into our cells, same thing as butter/oil for edibles, the cannabinoids bond to the carrier vehicle then get into the cells.
    In water, not so much, since it's not attached to the water. And trichomes are notoriously hard for the body to break down and digest to obtain the cannabinoids inside. It can be done, eating raw weed, but you need much more than you'd need if it were prepared the buds properly. Because your body will only process a small amount of cannabinoids without them being attached to a carrier first.
    So, drinking bong water is a worse version of eating raw weed since you will be drinking nasty water that threatens to make you vomit, and you will be digesting very very small amounts of weed, and mainly ash.
  20. Even if it did get me high I wouldn't drink that shit.

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