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bong water.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ogku, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. so i was smoking with two of my good buddies... and they said the correct way to fill a bong/bubbler was to put the water in your mouth, and then squirt it into the piece... am i crazy or are they just complete fools?
  2. I think your friends are fucking with you.

  3. nah man, they both proceeded to do it with their bubblers.
  4. What do you mean by squirt? They're probably talking about blowing into the mouthpiece to level out the chambers.

  5. i mean they take a sip of water in their mouth and squirt it into the mouthpiece
  6. That's ridiculous. Your friends are idiots.

  7. exactly thats what I'm saying....
  8. [quote name='"Jazzyj"']

    That's ridiculous. Your friends are idiots.[/quote]

  9. I think you need some new friends.
  10. This is how I fill up my bubbler. Why is that weird? Instead of letting it drain through the bowl part of my bub I do it through the mouthpiece.

    Doing that on a bong would be retarded.
  11. Your friends sound so high
  12. Thats actually smart.
    was gonna buy a bubbler once but didnt cus their fukt too fill.
    but now....

  13. its really not smart... i tried it this morning and the bubbler filled up so fast and spewed a ton of water all over me and my laptop
  14. I just hold my bong up to the dispenser on my refrigerator and get ice and water from it. What your doing sounds like a hassle and would take forever.
  15. moderation man! i thought itd be aight if u went slow.
    what are the other options? through the bowl or blowhole?

  16. i dont do that... that's what my buddies do. i just use the sink or some shit
  17. Get your friends to stop doing it if I was blazing with someone for the first time and they did that, id say what the fuck, im out.
  18. I know exactly what op is saying. i usually pack the bowl before filling by mistake and have to do this. ive seen others do it, no big deal
  19. Youre friends are fools

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