Bong water

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by jewfro420, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Im starting to save all my bong water do or don't sorry for quality pic

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  2. For what? It will only serve the purpose of stinking up the house. Thc is water insoluble meaning you won't get high. Peace and Pot
  3. Tell some newbie itll fuck him up if he drinks it, then let him drink it lmfao, jk dont do that
  4. Do an experiment and water some plants with it. Bet you kill um. Idk

    Toss it
  5. Maybe if they really piss me off though
  6. [quote name='"jewfro420"']

    Maybe if they really piss me off though[/quote]

    Yeah. Like a good revenge plot :devious:
  7. Seems kinda gross lol
  8. Would probably be great as a compost accelerant!
  9. namaste. thisisverytruenessandmuchworthyofyourtimeifyouraimistobeonewiththeenvironment.


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