Bong Water...?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TrippyHippie93, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. I was just curious if bong water could be used for watering?
    I'd like more than just a few opinions and would love some facts.

    Cheers :bongin:
  2. Interesting thought. I am inclined to say it would be detrimental to your plant. Not 100% sure.
  3. What purpose would that serve? Its disgusting water. It has no nutrients all it has is residue and whatever other crap that is created when you burn something. Thats like asking should I poo in my plant or piss?
  4. Wait you are telling me I SHOULDN'T be pooping in my plants

  5. Well the Chinese do it and theres closer to 2 billion then 1 of the fuckers. So have at it!
  6. But there are bad nutrients in the water. Nothing that could harm it. The only things in the water are the ash of a plant (that isnt harmful) and the psychedelic chemicals from bud (thats what I was getting at).
  7. Just use normal non ash water.

  8. LOL

    Plants cant absorb that. They absorb a certain set of nutrients. They produce it. If your so certain try it and let us know how potent you make it.

    Also your plant is locked genetically on how much THC it can make. If say its 15% you never doing whatever or using whatever will ever get it past that. The goal is to have a good grow and you can maximize what your plant is capable of producing.

    As for the psychedelic chemicals. When you burn it everything is vaporized out. If you have ash it means you have carbon. That carbon has nothing in it.

  9. Bongwater has a lot of carcinogens in it, would be interesting to test it with a combo meter for ph and ppms though.

    "well, time to feed the plants" :bongin:
    "damn, I got a lot of plants to feed" :bongin::bongin::bongin:
  10. I shall try it, because I see no reason why it could do any harm at all.

    Thank you to those who answered without a plant up there ass, thats a way to get a shitty harvest. lol.

    Cheers :bongin:

  11. I have numerous plants up my ass :) Got 7 going right now and a basil plant!
  12. Lets hope one of them isn't a cucumber :p

  13. please post pics of results. Did a bit of research on it, I want to see the living (using the term very loosely) proof of my findings. chances are though you will quit using bong water after about hummmmm two waterings.

    Start a bong water plant journal I will be the first to follow along.

    PS. also have a shit of plants stuck up the ass.
  14. It all depends on where the water came from that was originally used for the bong water. That water could have a horribly high or low pH which would make it not good for watering plants with, but if it was in the acceptable range then I don't think it would really hurt the plant at all.
  15. My motto is if I wouldn't drink it I won't feed it to my plants.
  16. Where the hell are you going to get gallons of bong water? Really wouldn't be a test unless you use nothing but bong water.

  17. Ohhhhhh my Gawd, I needed a laugh... Katattack, you're one sick puppy, errrr, Kitty.

    But on the coat tails of our organic friends, if I wouldn't drink it....
    course I DID try to drink bong water in 1970, STILL trying to get the taste of that shit out of my mouth.
  18. ii wouldnt
  19. I only smoke from my bong while I'm at home and I change out the water after I can't see through the bong. But I think If I do everything I normally do and just switch to bong water, it will be fine. I'll wait until the next batch of seeds germinate before starting a journal, I don't want to risk losing a biggie for a little idea.

    But if you could read the original post.. I'm asking for opinions and facts.. So please let me know what you know, think, can find, ect.

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