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Bong Water Uses

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nizate, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. These are some uses I just came up with. almost 100% guaranty any of these things will work!! :smoke: I'm stoned as hell

    Water your marijuana harvest to get even higher when you smoke the crop.

    Dump it in a douchebag's car when the window cracks on a hot day.

    Put lots of koolaid mix in it, stick it in an ice tray, put toothpicks in it, freeze it, and have Popsicles that may or may not get you blazed and or vomiting.

    Load it in a squirtgun

    Sprinkle around your garden to deter deer and rabbits

    You got any? :smoke:
  2. Half of that shit wouldn't work.
  3. 1)No


    3) Disgusting and pointless



  4. Dude... a squirt gun with fucking bong water would be tight.

    Haha, you could make someone all bong smelly all day long. great shit
  5. Haha nice. I made my brother some iced tea with bong water once when he was really pissin' me off.
  6. Been there, done that with douche...It made a girl throw up. I can't even imagine what bong water would do to people. I would have to REALLY hate someone to do this, because it's super dick.
  7. lol fuckin jesus guys. that was cool and sick. a bong water squirt gun? i would do it but alot of my friends are bigger then me and would kill me lol. the bong water tea? wtf is that lol thats super gross no one i know drinks tea exept for some chicks and chicks have enough mental/physical problems why add more? lol fucking funny tho

  8. It's not tea, it's iced tea, man. It's different.
  9. If you wana try a bong water popsicle, be my guest. But thats just fucking disgusting.
  10. Damn, I just drink the bong water...tastes good to me...
  11. bong water enema?
  12. ^^^^ ok that one takes the cake.
  13. I like the squirt-gun bit. Seems rather hilarious! Back in the days, kids would put pool acid in the guns and go shoot peoples cars with them, hence ruining the paint jobs. The bong water sounds better.
  14. lol you'd have to filter that shit of all the ash 'n clumps tho

    I can just see some dumb ass dumping it directly from the bong in a super soaker 'n jumping out going 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sucka!' only to get a 2 foot tiny spurt of brown water before a bit of burnt stem clogs the shit outta the pump part

    lol almost be like that scene in pulp fiction with the crazy dude firing random before getting his ass taken out

  15. [​IMG]
  16. My biology teacher said he knew someone that "smoked the bong water." Not sure how they figured that one out.. maybe boiling the water leaves resin?
  17. more like your biology teacher is retarded.
  18. he probably knew someone who DRANK the bong water.
  19. i used to always pour my bongwater on my plant. I would also blow it hits sometimes. I dont care if it helped or not.
  20. i think bong water would be less than beneficial to a plant. fyi i dont care that you dont care.

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