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Bong Water Substitue?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ma1nstream, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. So I saw a picture of someone using Blue Gatorade awhile back, and I was wondering what kind of substitutes for bong water have you guys used? and is there any benefit? like different taste?
  2. i have tried orange juice...the SIMPLY MAID orange juice, its about 5 bucks...i have to say it was the best tasting smoke i've had in awhile
    mixed it with some ny diesel tasted just great
    friend said try hot tea...just dont have time to boil it haha
  3. I think this is a thread already
  4. lol, it is. You can use any liquid in your bong. I have heard of people using vodka.
  5. doesnt alcohol absorb tch
  6. not once its been burned and turned into carcinogens i believe. maybe a little bit.
  7. I hear apple juice flavors the smoke nicely
  8. try beer lol it leaves the beer taste in your mouth.
  9. put some ice cubes in the liquid -itll give u a cool hit
  10. i wouldnt use alchohal first its a waste second thc is adsorbed not all of it but some. same with water thc is slightly water soluable. I would not want to put anything in besides water really everything else will make your pipe sticky.

  11. I tried the Simply Lemonade in mine.
    Absolutley awesome.
  12. im about to go look in the fridge
  13. Ill use what ever i have in my car at the time. Ive used:

    Orange soda
    Grape Soda
    All types of gatoraid

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