Bong water replacments

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  1. use milk. then drink the milk.

  2. I've heard that milk absorbs a large amount of THC from the smoke, as well as drinking milk killing peoples' highs.

    I haven't actually drank milk while I'm high, so I wouldn't know personally, or at least I haven't in the sense that I don't remember.
  3. I've found that adding a couple of drops of peppermint oil (other oils work too, I just really like mint) adds a great flavour to it.

    Works even better with warm or hot water, so you can get some steam, smoke, and delicious peppermint - and the heat helps the peppermint oil evaporate, making it feel even better.
  4. Holy shit yes, Altoids in the bong are the shit. Oh my god I wish I had my glass baby right now.
  5. We've used cola before. Can't say it was any different to water, maybe left a slightly sweet aftertaste.

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