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Bong water- does it make a difference?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by K33S, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Toking with a couple of mates with a tall double chamber, one doesn't really change the water very often and is adamant it makes no difference to the smoke.

    Maybe I just feel better about clean water and think the smoke is better, but to me I think it's fucked when dirty.

    So what are your opinions plz?
  2. i debate this often. sometimes i spend a lot on nug so i like to taste my weed. I always felt like if my bong smelled like shit, in turn my weed would taste like shit. If the water smells bad, is turning brown or if i see anything floating in there i change it. I also find that changing the water more often will keep your bong cleaner.
  3. yeah, the dirtier it is the worse it will taste and the less efficient it is at filtering the smoke. (counter ion effect decreases the ability of the water to solvate the resins in the smoke). It also makes the water stack higher because of the stuff in it which makes it not hit as well and makes the hit taste like shit. Clean glass is happy glass :bongin: carbon filter works very well to keep pieces clean
  4. Dude, dirty bong water tastes like it smells. Fucking horrible.

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