Bong Wars: Us tubes VS. RooR

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Bong Wars[/ame]

    props to fuzion in Santa Barbara for the video;)
  2. Hahahaha that was funny....but bong murder is not a laughing matter :devious:
  3. although I get the point, I simply could NOT do that to a perfectly good Roor.

  4. Indeed roor murder is just wrong. and that thick glass on the US tubes just looks goofy

    and ADS is the best
  5. That poor tube, and it looked like it gave em plenty of use too lol.
  6. agreed. fucking with a perfectly good ROOR is wrong...but i know now that i want a US tube and not a roor
  7. I know you can get roor's online, but what about us tubes?
  8. you can get them online
  9. ads is definitely no where near as good as RooR or U.S tubes
  10. I have a G-Spot solid tank joint bong and theres a video of someone using it as a hammer nailing a nail into a 2x4 on edit lol.
  11. i just lost my bong and that vid made me sadder
  12. I will have a US tube... some day :devious:
  13. It you could PM me a couple links it would be much appreciated..
  14. i could never break glass. Hell yea Santa barbara, this weekend is gonna be way dope with west beach going on
  15. for real i need to find out where to order a us tube. ive searched high and low locally.
  16. That was pointless and a waste of glass.

    A thick straight tube will break a beaker style bong every time. Now had the roor been a straight tube and the US tubes was a beaker, then I'd be impressed.
  17. lol damn. Those people aint feelin the recession at all! [Lets break a couple hundred dollar bong for the fuck of it]
  18. THAT WAS FUCK'N RAD!!!! The truth hurts. :D
  19. My US Tubes beaker has taken drops of over 3 feet and doesn't even have a scratch; US Tubes are the most solid daily driver pieces you can use, period.

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