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  1. This is gonna be a long one, but i need some help. Thanks alot

    I mostly use a bong, and i smoke in my room. my parents are crazy paranoid about me smoking because i have been caught before. and theyve threatened to kick me out. after i clear a hit, i crack my window about an inch blow it out, and close it right after. i also burn an incense and im usually fine and they cant smell it. sometimes when im with alot of people, the smoke that rises from the slide is enough to give my room a nice stench. this routine is a pain in the ass, and not relaxing at all.

    I'm thinking about buying a hot box vaporizer, and im really curious about smell. my friend told me if i opened my window lit an incense and made a spoof id be fine. but does the smell only come from what is inhaled or does the vaporizing process let out a good smell?

    One last thing, i have a really really good hookup on regs and mids, but i dont enjoy them much anymore. would the high from regs be any different from kronic except for the fact that i would have to use more?
  2. The smell can come from both, but...........the smell is a WHOLE BUNCH less than smoke, smells a bit like burnt popcorn, and dissipates really quick.

    The high would be different between strains.
  3. I suggest a Magic Flight Launch Box ifyour either on a budget or you need something stealthy and easy to hide.

    Remember, vapor is not smoke. Burning anything smells.
    When vaporizing it's best to aim for small light hits that you can hold in until nothing is exhaled. Holding in vapor will get you higher, unlike smoke. And since there's no had smoke or tar, holding it in won't hurt you.
    Vapor dissipates within seconds and will not smell as long as you don't accidently burn it.
    All vapes have a learning curve.

    Get a vaporizer, but DO NOT get a piece of shit because you will regret it. Do lots of research(for at least a few weeks) and check out

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