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  1. I've been reading about MFLB's lately and have been thinking about getting one.

    Since i don't have the money to get a nice vape. MFLB's are what i've been looking into.

    I've never smoked out of a vaporizer, I mainly just use bongs.

    I've read about how vaporizers don't give you the
    same high as bongs but it makes the bud last longer.

    My question is... How is vaporizer high different from a bong high?

    Does anyone prefer vapes to bongs? Also Does a vape high last as long as it would if you where to smoke the same amount in a bong?

  2. A vape high is very similar to the high from eating edibles. I use a Silver Surfer vape and get crazy bong-like hits because that vape is whip style vape. Because of that you can also achieve the smoking type of high from a bong.

    The MFLB will conserve quite a bit more than a whip style vape but you won't be able to get those monster bong-like hits with it either.

    Most people who vape still smoke as well, it just depends on the mood really. With good quality herb I do find myself vaping more than smoking.

    I've never tried the MFLB but I'd really recommend a Da Buddha vape if you can. If you really enjoy bong rips I think you'll enjoy a whip style more.

    Hard to say which high lasts longer. It's based on so many factors but I believe, through my experience, that the high durations are essentially a wash. Keep in mind, however, that the same bowl amount in your vape will go much further than in your bong and a whole smoke sesh from your vape is probably the equivalent of 1-2 bong hits.
  3. Whats your budget? The mflb is about 80-100. For about 130 you can have a beast desktop in a dbv.

    Its truly opinion based on whats better as far as hits go. I take vape every time over smoking because it tastes better and i get higher off less. I also vaporbong most of the time.

    The 'stoned' feeling a bong hit has vs vaping is from carbon monoxide and other carcinogens you inhale. Most people say vape doesn't hit you like a bong but thats just not true, ya just gotta use higher temps.

    As for the mflb, consider it like hitting a spoon vs hitting a bong. Might take 2 packs whereas you only need 1 in a bong rip
  4. By an attachment that goes from your cape to the bong. That's what my friend did haha. But his parents are loaded with cash so money is a big problem for him.
  5. A vape high is some how cleaner than a high achieved through a bong. You don't inhale combusted plant matter or CO2, so it is healthier and more tastey.

    Honestly the high lasts long through a vape too. Don't get me wrong, I love smoking bongs and won't stop, but I'm down for the vape every now and then too.

    I recommend something other than an MFLB.

    I have an MFLB and it works great on the go, but this is no desktop or home vape. I always feel like I could have more and more with the MFLB, you don't get sastisfying huge clouds.

    I have a Vaporbro's whip style vape attached to my single chamber stemline and it hits juuuuust great. I recommend the SSV or da buddah if you don't have the cash for a vapor bro's or arizer extreme. Trust me, it'll be worth every penny to have a reliable vape around the house.
  6. I dunno I never liked bongs cept for smaller ones and even then not so much, I have a volcano vape and love the thing minus the cost of buds to feed it. £10 a g :(
  7. I'm done with smoking from anything. Straight vape to save my lungs. I find it to be a calmer stone I think.

    Contrary to a few vocal flight box enthusiasts, I don't think much of it. If you need cheap, get a whip and a simple hot air gun, available through a craft store. Not stealthy, but I don't think much of stealth either. Get ripped in private then go out and have a ball.

    I've used MFLB, three diff handheld, three diff table top, plus my handy dandy hot air gun. MFLB is my court of last resort.
    Submitted for your approval,
  8. An MFLB will get you NOWHERE near as high as a bong. They're a novel thing but honestly they suck after a few uses. As a daily toker it takes me at LEAST 2 full trenches to get high and it takes so long to finish those 2 trenches because the thing is so low powered that by the time I finish I'm not even that high.

    Vapes CAN be amazing though, any quality desktop vape (DBV, SSV, Extreme Q, Cloud**** AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, etc.) will get you absolutely ripped in a matter of minutes as it vapes the weed much quicker and much more efficiently (although you'll conserve less than the MFLB but that's cause desktops actually get you high...).

    That being said, the high is much different, and it's DEFINITELY not closer to an edible high like the first guy who answered said. Vapes provide an almost entirely head high (mostly vapes THC, leaving most of the chemicals that cause a body high untouched), whereas edibles are the COMPLETE opposite having a super intense couchlock body high.

    Personally, I'd rather smoke 90% of the time. Feels like something is missing in a vape high to me.
  9. Vaporizers are used mostly by people who have a medical marijuana right and want to get medicated without the smoke tar and coughing , its mostly a need but dont get it

    mistaken you will get high as fuck on a vape but it wont be the same

    high as a bong.

    The bong just absorbs what ever smoke/vape passes through the chamber that is bubbling and up it goes into your throat. much gigglier high , heavier , and it will never deceive you , but the downsides are cleaning it , the tar that goes through your throat and the rough burn outs (comedowns you can say ) also never ever spill used bong water its disguisting .
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    TOTALLY agree. An edible high is in a class of it's own.
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    I would say that the mflb has a cleaner high than a bong, but is not as intense as a bong high. With a vaporizer you get all the good stuff and with an mflb it takes some practice to get more than just the THC. You eliminate the tar, CO2, and CO. With a bong you get a bigger hit in my opinion, but you get the bad stuff too; however, noone has ever died from smoking marijuana. I bought my mflb for the stealthiness and compactness of it as a vaporizer. I bought a vaporizer as my main form of weed consumption so it would be healthier on my lungs. Then I bought the power adapter for it. I just bought a bubbler though b/c I do still like to smoke it :smoke:
  12. I prefer cleanness of a vape
  13. [quote name='"sektr']
    Vapes provide an almost entirely head high (mostly vapes THC, leaving most of the chemicals that cause a body high untouched), whereas edibles are the COMPLETE opposite having a super intense couchlock body high.

    This is just not true at all.

  14. Yeah. He's right if you just vape at a very low temp, but if you raise the temp but stay within the vapor range, you can get "most" of the CBN/CBD.

    And regarding edibles being couch-lock, that depends on the strain of bud. I've had edibles made from sativa's and ate a bit too much. Had to peel me from the ceiling. I was walkin' around in circles with no where to go. hahahaha Total opposite of being couch-locked.

    But eat some edibles made from a good indica.................couch-locked.

    A salad? Somewhere in the middle.
  15. I use to smoke pipes and spoons mostly with the occasional bong, I prefer my arizer solo vape over anything I've tried. Besides edibles. Those are awesome. But I recommend the Arizer Solo if you can afford it.
  16. I've got around a hundred to let go.

    I don't know anyone who has a vaporizer and i've always
    wanted to try one. It's looking like if i want to finally wanna vape i'll have to buy one myself.

    I have a decent bong so i don't know if it's even worth it.
  17. I like a good vape rape.
  18. fuck the mflb, arizer solo or pax ar the ways to go, if you dont have enough don't buy a portable vape right now, save up

    Also, the arizer extreme q is the best home vape ive used, you can find it for like 150
  19. I want an extreme Q badly.
  20. There is no bong high. There is a smoke high and a vape high, and either can be enhanced with a bong.

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